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In The News

How much do you ow on your credit card and can you pay it off? - The Sun Herald (Gulfport, Mississippi)

How much do you owe on your credit card and can you pay it off?
Mary Perez/The Sun Herald (Gulfport, Mississippi)

22 January 2017

Even before Christmas, Americans went on a spending spree, adding a record $21.9 billion in credit card debt in just three months from July through September.

Then we each charged $1,000 more in holiday spending, according to consumer financial-education website Magnify Money, and are starting 2017 with more debt than some can ever pay.

During the national recession, people cut spending, started saving and paid down their credit cards.

'Tis the Season to Pay off Credit Card Debt - (Time Warner News)

'Tis the Season to Pay off Credit Card Debt
Alese Underwood/Time Warner Cable News (San Antonio)

29 December 2016

Paying off all that credit card debt from the holidays might be a little harder than you think in 2017. Our Alese Underwood shows us how an interest rate hike could damage your credit score if you're not careful.

SAN ANTONIO -- As holiday spending winds down, tis' the season to pay off your credit cards, but it might cost you a little extra in 2017.

"The average American has about nine credit cards in their wallet at any given time," said Federico Pena with GreenPath Financial Wellness.

How much is too much for a car payment? - Detroit Free Press

How much is too much for a car payment?
Susan Tompor/Detroit Free Press

19 January 2017

Story Highlights

  • Counselors at GreenPath say aim to spend 15% of income on transportation, including car insurance.
  • About 40.7% of new car loans are in the 61 month to 72 month range, Experian says.
  • Payments on a $20,000, five-year car loan would be about $371 a month with a 4.3% rate.


News Releases

Questions to Ask before Setting 2017 Personal Finance Resolutions

(FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – December 27, 2016) -  It’s that time of year again, when we want to start fresh and new. January 1 has traditionally been the starting point for resolutions, whether you are looking to lose weight, start an exercise program or get a handle on your finances.



2015 GreenPath Annual Report


GreenPath takes pride in operating a healthy business that remains true to our mission of helping consumers through financial education and counseling.  Check out our 2015 annual report to learn about our company, board of directors, staff achievements, client success stories and more.

View a .pdf version of our annual report.


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