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In The News

Credit unions offer members unique services to track their credit - C&G Newspapers (metro-Detroit)

Credit unions offer members unique services to track their credit
Tiffany Esshaki/C&G Newspapers (metro-Detroit)

5 October 2016

METRO DETROIT — From buying a car to getting that dream job, our credit scores play a larger role in our lives than we may think — or maybe want to admit. The ratings that credit bureaus give us all to indicate our reliability in repaying our debts can decide how much we pay for financed purchases, whether we’re eligible for certain housing and so much more. But how we can build good credit seems more like a secret code that many customers have yet to crack.

Finance Friday: Achieving Financial Wellness (KABB-TV/FOX San Antonio)

Achieving Financial Wellness
KABB-TV/FOX (San Antonio, TX)

30 September 2016

San Antonio — Sometimes, the first step to financial wellness is the hardest step, especially when it comes to finances. Federico Peña with GreenPath Financial Wellness stopped by Fox San Antonio to talk about goal setting, creating a budget, maintaining a budget, saving and monitoring your credit reports and scores. Watch the clip for the entire interview below.

Money 101 - How to Start Saving - Consumer Affairs

Money 101: how to start saving
Mark Huffman/Consumer Affairs

29 September 2016

After years of stagnant incomes, consumers are finally beginning to take home a little more money in their paychecks. The U.S. Census Bureau reports the median 2015 household income rose 5.2%, or $2,798, over 2014.

So is it unrealistic to think these consumers, currently living paycheck to paycheck, can start a savings plan?


News Releases

U.S. Household Income Up Nearly $2,800 - 5 Tips on How to Put That Money To Work

(FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – September 20, 2016) The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that median 2015 US household income rose 5.2 percent, or $2,798, over 2014. This is the first annual increase in median household income, since 2007.
 “At GreenPath Financial Wellness, we always encourage people to review their budgets, whenever income increases, to ensure the new income can be put to work positively, instead of simply spending more,” said GreenPath Financial Wellness President and CEO Kristen Holt.

5 Things To Think About Before Buying A Car

(FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – September 8, 2016) While auto sales may have cooled this past month, there are still deals are out there for remaining 2016 models. And with 2017 models hitting the showroom floor, now is the time to do your homework, before purchasing that new or used vehicle.

GreenPath Financial Wellness, a nationwide, non-profit credit counseling and education group, has put together a few steps consumers should consider, before hitting the showroom floor.


2015 GreenPath Annual Report


GreenPath takes pride in operating a healthy business that remains true to our mission of helping consumers through financial education and counseling.  Check out our 2015 annual report to learn about our company, board of directors, staff achievements, client success stories and more.

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