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In The News

Financially Healthy in 2018 - Fox News 29 San Antonio

Financially Healthy in 2018

Featuring Jorge Mata, GreenPath Quality Assurance Specialist 
9 January 2018

With a new year comes great opportunities to start establishing healthy habits to improve your overall wellness. While many people focus on health goals, financial goals are another area where everyone can use some improvement.

Jorge Mata, quality assurance specialist with GreenPath Financial Wellness, says there are ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed when setting your goals. 

Click here to continue to Fox 29 News San Antonio to watch the clip of Jorge explaining what you can do to set yourself up for success in 2018.

Six Strategies for Protecting the Credit of People with Disabilities - National Disability Institute Blog

Six Strategies for Protecting the Credit of People with Disabilities

by David Berenbaum, CEO, Home Preservation Foundation (a strategic affiliation of GreenPath Financial Wellness
4 January 2018

Recent credit bureau breaches and cyber hacks have raised awareness of information security and the vulnerability of our personal financial data. Major incidents like the Equifax data breach have shown us just how important it is to continually monitor our credit reports and be alert to potential identity theft.

It’s easy to find helpful tips and information for protecting your identity. A simple online search will yield hundreds of articles and websites. But people with disabilities may have some additional risks when it comes to securing their personal information.

Click here to continue to the article.

Awash In Debt: Many people struggle with debt during the holiday shopping season

When adding to your Christmas list, a local expert says consumers need to exercise the same sort of practice that Kris Kringle employs.

Santa Claus makes a list and checks it twice, and so should consumers, said Katherine Jamieson, educator at the Macomb County office of the Michigan State University Extension Service in Clinton Township.

Her advice is just one word of caution for buyers who are ready to burn through cash and credit limits at stores and online.

Katie Bossler is expecting calls in January from people looking to manage the debt they’ve accumulated, either for holiday spending or from medical bills.

“Starting in January, it’s not uncommon to have in influx of calls from people facing credit card debt and figuring to pay it off that may have occurred during the holidays,” said Bossler, a financial wellness expert for GreenPath Financial Wellness in Farmington Hills, and a certified credit counselor.

To read the rest of the article, click here.


News Releases

GreenPath Financial Wellness launches first nonprofit-FinTech partnership 
to better meet clients’ financial needs

Farmington Hills, MI - December 15, 2017 – GreenPath Financial Wellness, a national nonprofit financial wellness organization, has partnered with EarnUp, an automated loan payment platform, to launch Simple Payment Plan, a convenient service that helps consumers efficiently budget their money, save more, and pay off their debts faster.  This tool is free for the first year, thanks to support from Freddie Mac.



2016 GreenPath Annual Report

In 2016, GreenPath widened our focus to support financial wellness more broadly.  We will always be there for people who need a guide in times of crisis.  And we are expanding our services to support financial health in a variety of proactive ways, too.  Check out our 2016 annual report to learn about our impact, partnerships, finanicals, and the road ahead.

View a .pdf version of our annual report.

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