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In The News

CEO plans seismic change for financial counseling firm

CEO plans seismic change for financial counseling firm

FierceCEO - November 2, 2017

Kristen Holt got her first fiscal life lesson from her parents.

When she was 10 years old, they allowed her to start her first job - walking dogs.  But the condition was she save half of the money she earned.

"That really stayed with me," said Holt.  And it shows.  She is now CEO of a nonprofit financial counseling company.

GreenPath Financial Wellness counsels and offers programs for people to pay down debt.  In the position for just 18 months, Holt says it suits her to a tee given her skills as a Certified Public Accountant and her penchant for personal finance.

To learn more about Kristen Holt's plans for plans for change at GreenPath, click here.

Q&A: Brad O'Brien, of GreenPath Financial Wellness, wants to destigmatize debt

Q&A: Brad O'Brien, of GreenPath Financial Wellness, wants to destigmatize debt

Katelyn Ferral/The Cap Times
22 October 2017

Brad O’Brien is working to change conversations around personal finance and debt. As the manager of financial education at GreenPath Financial Wellness, he develops and leads initiatives to help people get out of debt.

GreenPath is a nonprofit group that was founded in Detroit in 1961 aimed at helping people manage and get out of credit card debt. The group is still based in Detroit, but now has offices in 18 states and offers free, in-person and over-the-phone counseling services to anyone nationwide. It served about 200,000 people nationwide and 6,000 people in Wisconsin last year, O’Brien said.

To check out the full story, click here.


News Releases

Questions to Ask before Setting 2017 Personal Finance Resolutions

(FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – December 27, 2016) -  It’s that time of year again, when we want to start fresh and new. January 1 has traditionally been the starting point for resolutions, whether you are looking to lose weight, start an exercise program or get a handle on your finances.



2016 GreenPath Annual Report

In 2016, GreenPath widened our focus to support financial wellness more broadly.  We will always be there for people who need a guide in times of crisis.  And we are expanding our services to support financial health in a variety of proactive ways, too.  Check out our 2016 annual report to learn about our impact, partnerships, finanicals, and the road ahead.

View a .pdf version of our annual report.

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