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In The News

How to manage different balances on one card - CreditCards.com

How to manage different balances on one card
Dawn Papandrea/CreditCards.com

12 August 2015

Did you know that it's possible to have only one credit card, but still have more than one balance?

Say you open a new card and it has a low interest rate introductory period during which you make charges and don't pay the entire balance off. That's balance No. 1. Soon the intro period ends and you begin making purchases with the card's regular APR, creating balance No. 2...

7 tips for using budget apps safely - CreditCards.com (Yahoo Finance and Money Magazine)

7 tips for using budget apps safely
Lisa Bertagnoli/CreditCards.com (Yahoo.com Finance and Money Magazine)

6 August 2015

Budget-minder apps such as Mint.com and YouNeedABudget.com can help spendthrifts track and control spending. They also carry a security risk, as they require users to hand over sensitive information such as credit card and bank account numbers, then allow the apps access to that information.

Cities with the biggest, smallest credit card debt burdens - CreditCards.com

Cities with the biggest, smallest credit card debt burdens
Fred O. Williams/CreditCards.com

26 July 2015

San Franciscans aren't known for their frugal lifestyles. But residents of northern California's digital mecca carry the lightest credit card debt burden of any major metropolitan area in the nation, an analysis by CreditCards.com found.


News Releases

Five Tips to Get Your Personal Finances Back on Track Before the Holidays

(FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - August 5, 2015) As we turn the calendar page to August, it’s hard to believe that more than half of 2015 has gone by.  If you made a New Year’s resolution to clean up your finances, have you saved as much as you wanted?  Have you paid down any debt or has your debt actually increased? The halfway point in the year is a good time to check in and see how you are doing.  

2014 GreenPath Annual Report


GreenPath takes pride in operating a healthy business that remains true to our mission of helping consumers through financial education and counseling.  Check out our 2014 annual report to learn about our company, board of directors, staff achievements, client success stories and more.

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