Americans rein in debt, bankruptcies and foreclosures - Detroit Free Press

Americans rein in debt, bankruptcies and foreclosures
Susan Tompor/Detroit Free Press

5 October 2014
Jane E. McNamara, president and CEO for GreenPath Inc., said the Farmington Hills-based credit counseling organization sees definite signs that the economic downturn is behind us. And now the name of the game for consumers is to re-group, clean up their credit and adjust to the new normal.

Why Many Still Can't Make Ends Meet - WJBK-TV/FOX Detroit

Money Monday: Why many still can't make ends meet

29 September 2014

The economy has been growing for years, however many people still can't make ends meet. It's a very interesting time for many consumers. The stock market has been climbing and unemployment rates have trended down but many people are struggling.

Money Fix: Beware of medical credit cards - Newsday (Long Island, NY)

Money Fix: Beware of medical credit cards
Sheryl Nance-Nash/Newsday (Long Island, New York)

22 September 2014

CareCredit, like other providers, had a deferred interest plan. These plans are touted for their no-interest promotional period. But if patients fail to pay off the entire balance by the time the grace period ends, they're charged interest retroactively. "I have seen balances on these cards rise by hundreds of dollars at the end of the promotion," says Kathryn Moore, a credit counselor with GreenPath Debt Solutions in Detroit.

College Credit, Now in Plastic - The Crimson White (University of Alabama)

College Credit, Now in Plastic
Heather Buchanan/The Crimson White (University of Alabama)

17 September 2014

To acquire a level one card with the Alabama Credit Union, students must fill out an application, provide proof of income and take an online “Budget Basics” quiz on Tonya Cargile, branch manager of Alabama Credit Union, said Greenpath serves as a free, secondary resource for all credit union members.

Blog: Steps Identity Theft Victims Need to Take - Saving Dollars & Sense

Blog: Steps Identity Theft Victims Need to Take
Kristie Sawicki/Saving Dollars & Sense

10 September 2014

I always pay very close attention to my bank accounts. Ever since the Target Security Breach during the holidays last year, I make sure to log in and check my accounts daily. Several weeks ago, I noticed a debit for $49.95 to a strange 1-800-*****.com website

Column - Help for Drowing in Debt - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Column: Drowning in Debt
Harriette Cole/Sense & Sensitivity - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (syndicated across the US)

4 September 2014

One organization that can help you for free is It offers full financial support services, including developing a customized budget for you based on your needs along with an action plan for how to get out of debt. By working with such an organization, you can get to the other side, even in your current circumstances.

Consumers advised to check credit in advance of holidays - Radio + Television Business Report

Consumers advised to check credit in advance of holidays
Radio + Television Business Report
(The Financial and Regulatory Voice of Electronic Media)
5 September 2014

GreenPath Debt Solutions is telling parents (and other adults) that the kids are back in school, and that means it’s time to start thinking about holiday gift-giving. Specifically, it’s time to make sure the access to capital will be there when you need it.

Helping Hack Attack Victims an Opportunity to Boost Trust - Investment News

Helping hack attack victims an opportunity for advisers to boost trust
Supporting a client victimized by a data breach can build enduring bonds
Liz Skinner/Investment News (NYC)
5 September 2014

Katie Moore, a financial counselor at the nonprofit GreenPath Debt Solutions in Farmington Hills, Mich., said anyone suspecting account information has been tampered with should be on the lookout for mail about accounts they don't remember opening, and for collection notices or calls.