Smart Tips for Choosing a Credit Counselor - Nerdwallet

Smart Tips for Choosing a Credit Counselor
Nerdwallet Advisor Voices

4 October 2016

When you’re struggling with debt or need help managing your finances, you have different resources to choose from. Many people turn to certified credit counselors, who can offer free or affordable financial education and counseling services through nonprofit agencies. NerdWallet recently asked several GreenPath credit counselors what you should keep in mind when selecting a credit counselor.

Car-Buying: 5 Smart Tips - Signature Realty Associates blog (Tampa, FL)

Car-Buying: 5 Smart Tips
Signature Realty Associates blog
Tampa, FL

21 September 2016

Considering buying a new car? Now may ideal—with new vehicles hitting the showroom floor, dealers are eager to unload outdated models. The smartest way to buy, according to the experts at non-profit GreenPath Financial Wellness, is to have a plan. Their tips:

Controlling your finances long-term/KABB-TV (San Antonio)

Controlling your finances long-term
KABB-TV (FOX) - San Antonio

19 August 2016

San Antonio — Achieving lifelong financial success can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. But there is a step-by-step plan that will help you gain long-term control of your finances. Federico Peña with GreenPath Financial Wellness stopped by Fox San Antonio to discuss some important tips to get you started. Watch the clip to see GreenPath's four step plan.

Paying off debt is stressing out New Yorkers - New York Post

Paying off debt is stressing out New Yorkers
John Byrne/New York Post

3 September 2016
Paying off personal debt is now the leading cause of financial stress in New York, according to a new survey. And consumer advocates say some of the blame must belong to “loan shark” credit card companies — and to the jackboot tactics employed by bankers when borrowers fall behind.
They call it “legally sanctioned daylight bank robbery.”

Tips for Back-to-School Savings - KIOS-FM (Omaha, NE)

Tips for back-to-school savings
Cheril Lee/KIOS-FM (Omaha Public Radio)

29 July 2016

It may only be the end of July, but many kids start school next month.  And with the start of school comes the rush to buy students all the school supplies and clothes they need.

But before you head out to the stores, Katie Bossler, a financial counselor with GreenPath Financial Wellness, has some money saving tips for you.

Reverse Mortgages Shake Loan-Shark Image, Fight for Respectability - Detroit Free Press

Reverse mortgages shake loan-shark image, fight for respectability
Susan Tompor/Sunday Detroit Free Press

17 August 2016

Reverse mortgages once had a down-and-out feel, much like a payday loan. Think of a quick fix that could generate havoc, like when widows ended up losing their homes. But significant repackaging with more consumer protections could create a new respectability.

Help on the way for San Antonio vets with $2 million in funding - LaPrensa (San Antonio, Texas)

Help on the way for S.A. vets with $2 million in funding
Christine Acosta/LaPrensa (San Antonio bi-lingual news)

10 August 2016

Various key organizations that work to help veterans and their families are getting a big boost, thanks to new funding from the Texas Veterans Commission. The Commission recently announced that it is providing grants totaling $1.9 million to groups that directly assist vets in different facets, from financial counseling to parental skill-building to free transportation.