Don't Get Bit By Zombie Debt this Halloween - CBS/Detroit

Don’t Get Bit By Zombie Debt This Halloween
Murray Feldman/CBS Detroit

31 October 2016

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – While there will be plenty of witches and ghouls around this Halloween, one thing you will want to steer clear of is zombie debt. Yes, zombie debt. It’s not owing money to a cast member of “The Walking Dead.” It is a real thing and GreenPath Financial Wellness, a nationwide, non-profit credit counseling and education group, wants you to know the signs, so you will be prepared!

Research leads Pitt Ohio to create emergency savings fund for drivers, employees - Commercial Carrier Journal

Research leads Pitt Ohio to create emergency savings fund for drivers, employees
Aaron Huff/Commercial Carrier Journal

10 November 2016

The company decided to start a financial efficacy program that includes emergency savings accounts for employees. As part of the program, Pitt Ohio contracted with a national financial consulting firm, GreenPath, to give employees — and their significant others — free and confidential financial advice.

Why Millennials Won’t Refinance Student Loans - GoodCall (Higher Education Blog)

Why Millennials Won’t Refinance Student Loans
Terri Williams/Good Call

19 September 2016

Conversation about higher education invariably turns toward student loans, since it appears that the two go hand in hand. Among the 42 million people who have $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, Consumer Reports advises students against dropping out of college since they will have an even more difficult time repaying their debt if they don’t have a degree.

Credit Counseling for New Grads - Atlanta Journal Constitution

Credit Counseling for New Grads
Samantha Allen/Atlanta Journal Constitution via Nerdwallet Advisor Voices

31 October 2016

We talked with Lauren Matovina and Raymond Sullivan, certified credit counselors with GreenPath Financial Wellness, a nonprofit credit counseling agency and member of NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor team, about how credit counseling can help new grads who are getting started on their own.

What can you do when zombie debt rears its head? - Credit Karma

What can you do when zombie debt rears its head?
Louis Denicola/Credit Karma

31 October 2016

Imagine you're home alone on a chilly fall night. Suddenly, the phone rings. You pick it up, and a voice on the other end of the line asks for you by name -- and then asks for your money. Zombie debt reaching toward your pocket can be scarier than the haunted house down the block. But what exactly is a zombie debt... and how can you deal with it?

Don't Get Tricked By Zombie Debt - Consumer Affairs News

Don't Get Tricked By Zombie Debt
Mark Huffman/Consumer Affairs News

25 October 2016

Calls from debt collectors are always unpleasant. But when the calls are trying to collect so-called “zombie debt,” they can be downright scary. "As the name suggests, zombie debt is debt that you thought was dead, but has come back to life," said Katie Bossler, a GreenPath Financial Wellness expert.

Credit unions offer members unique services to track their credit - C&G Newspapers (metro-Detroit)

Credit unions offer members unique services to track their credit
Tiffany Esshaki/C&G Newspapers (metro-Detroit)

5 October 2016

METRO DETROIT — From buying a car to getting that dream job, our credit scores play a larger role in our lives than we may think — or maybe want to admit. The ratings that credit bureaus give us all to indicate our reliability in repaying our debts can decide how much we pay for financed purchases, whether we’re eligible for certain housing and so much more. But how we can build good credit seems more like a secret code that many customers have yet to crack.

Finance Friday: Achieving Financial Wellness (KABB-TV/FOX San Antonio)

Achieving Financial Wellness
KABB-TV/FOX (San Antonio, TX)

30 September 2016

San Antonio — Sometimes, the first step to financial wellness is the hardest step, especially when it comes to finances. Federico Peña with GreenPath Financial Wellness stopped by Fox San Antonio to talk about goal setting, creating a budget, maintaining a budget, saving and monitoring your credit reports and scores. Watch the clip for the entire interview below.

Money 101 - How to Start Saving - Consumer Affairs

Money 101: how to start saving
Mark Huffman/Consumer Affairs

29 September 2016

After years of stagnant incomes, consumers are finally beginning to take home a little more money in their paychecks. The U.S. Census Bureau reports the median 2015 household income rose 5.2%, or $2,798, over 2014.

So is it unrealistic to think these consumers, currently living paycheck to paycheck, can start a savings plan?

Smart Tips for Choosing a Credit Counselor - Nerdwallet

Smart Tips for Choosing a Credit Counselor
Nerdwallet Advisor Voices

4 October 2016

When you’re struggling with debt or need help managing your finances, you have different resources to choose from. Many people turn to certified credit counselors, who can offer free or affordable financial education and counseling services through nonprofit agencies. NerdWallet recently asked several GreenPath credit counselors what you should keep in mind when selecting a credit counselor.