Tips for job-hunting college grads - Consumer Affairs News

Tips for job-hunting college grads
Mark Huffman/ConsumerAffairs News

13 May 2015
For this month's college graduates preparing to enter the workforce, the April jobs numbers, released last week, were pretty good news. The U.S. economy is still producing more than 200,000 new jobs each month and the unemployment rate is back at a pre-recession 5.4%.

College loans won't disappear with debt relief plans - Detroit Free Press

College loans won't disappear with debt relief plans
Susan Tompor/Detroit Free Press

14 May 2015

Some debt relief companies try to trick borrowers into thinking that consolidating student loans can be as complicated as doing your own federal income taxes. Not true, experts say. Free options exist.

10 Financial Tips for College Grads - FOX Detroit

10 Financial Tips For College Grads
Murray Feldman/WJBK-TV (FOX)/Detroit

11 May 2015

(WJBK) - Many 2015 college graduates are basking in the glory of wrapping up their bachelors or masters degrees this month. However, in many instances, their downtime will be short-lived, as they face even more responsibilities, ranging from landing that first job to preparing to start paying off their student loans.

On Mother's Day, Remembering Mom's Financial Pearls - Detroit Free Press

On Mother's Day, remembering mom's financial pearls
Susan Tompor/Detroit Free Press

9 May 2015

Mother's Day, like many holidays, offers us wonderful opportunities to part with our cash on over-indulgent brunches, gorgeous floral displays of affection, and sparkling gemstone jewelry. But I enjoy taking time to consider the financial wisdom that Mom imparted over the years, too.

What you need to know about your FICO score -

What you need to know about your FICO score
Dawn Papandrea/

6 May 2015

You hear a lot about the importance of having a good credit score, but do you really understand how to get one? By breaking down the components that factor into your score calculation — and learning why lenders and banks care about each one — you can be more strategic about how you you go about building and improving your score.

Financial help free at Mercer University on Saturday - The Telegraph (Macon, GA)

Financial help free at Mercer on Saturday
Jim Gaines/The Telegraph (Macon, GA)

15 April 2015

Free financial advice is coming to Mercer University on Saturday -- open to anyone, but aimed at low- to middle-income families. It’s sponsored by the business school and GreenPath Financial Wellness, and will be held at the school’s University Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Financial heuristics: Creating money rules to live by -

Financial heuristics: Creating money rules to live by
Tamara E. Holmes/

13 April 2015

We all have financial rules that we live by. Some help us save money, such as a policy of waiting 24 hours before making an impulsive purchase. Other rules end up costing us, such as a tradition of rewarding yourself with a new gadget whenever you land a new client.