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GreenPath Financial Wellness Launches Web Site To Advocate For Student Debt Loan Solutions

GreenPath Financial Wellness – a nationwide leader in credit counseling services headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich. – is launching today,
a web site designed to tackle the next impending fiscal bubble in this country – student loan debt.

(FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - November 11, 2014) Jane McNamara, GreenPath President and Chief Executive Officer, said her company is working to help citizens with what will be our nation’s next major fiscal challenge: Crushing Student Loan Debt – which has surpassed traditional credit card debt as the No. 1 financial issue for millions of Americans.

“We can no longer afford to wait for answers on this pressing issue,” she said. “We must work together to design solutions that help to ensure that millions of Americans are no longer saddled with long-term student loan debt --- debt that can negatively impact their credit histories and financial futures. is a first of its kind effort to engage consumers across the nation and eventually arm them with the knowledge they need to manage their student debt successfully.”

The web site offers visitors a chance to become more engaged in advocacy for comprehensive fiscal solutions, she said.

McNamara said GreenPath is stepping up to begin equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and clear understanding of how to manage their finances and debts after graduation.

By doing so, our society will be able to head off a student loan bubble by dramatically reducing delinquency and default rates, while positioning college graduates to achieve a successful financial future, she said.

“As it stands now, we saddle students with debt and then unleash them into the world without giving them the basic tools to manage their money and debt load,” McNamara said. “Simple money management techniques can often make the difference between keeping on track with loan payments and default.”

As one of the nation’s non-profit leaders in debt management and financial education, GreenPath is ready to provide proactive solutions to these problems. Since 1961, GreenPath has established a long track record of successfully helping consumers manage their debts, make smart financial decisions, and achieve their financial goals. In partnership with universities and community colleges, GreenPath will become an important resource for college students who want to prepare for a successful financial future.


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