Employee Spotlight: Jamie

When you think of commitment and enthusiasm, Jamie is the epitome of these characteristics.

Jamie began her GreenPath career as a Customer Care Representative in August 2007, shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, with an emphasis in Health and Communication from Wayne State University.  Over the next five years, Jamie dutifully served GreenPath as an Account Maintenance Coordinator, a Financial Counselor, a Training Specialist and a Call Center Operations/AMD Supervisor.  

In early 2012, Jamie ventured away from GreenPath for a few months to work for another organization.  However, she missed her colleagues at GreenPath and returned July 2012 to assume the role of Training Specialist.   Most recently, Jamie, a fan of all things fun and humorous, including doing voice imitations (you must have her do her imitation of Cartman from South Park asking for punch and pie!), became the Senior Training Specialist for the Education and Training Department.

In this most recent role, Jamie has been involved in developing new training initiatives as well as facilitating professional development training for staff here at WHQ and in our field offices. 

And in our honoree’s own words: "Working at GreenPath has taught me more than I ever imagined when I accepted the position back in 2007. Hands-down we have the best employees out there and our mission is really what keeps me so invested into our organization. I love that we are able to provide guidance and help people have a better quality of life. I feel that my role as a training specialist is the best of both worlds as I get to work with both our employees and our clients. It’s important to work hard every day with an open mind and to use the gifts you have been given."

As Steve Prefontaine said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  I look forward to growth individually, as a team and as part of an amazing organization over the coming years."

Congratulations Jamie!  We are so proud of you and a sincerely appreciate all that you do!   You are definitely a valuable member of the organization and truly exemplify our Be The Change! initiative here at GreenPath.


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