Employee Spotlight: Steven

When you think of someone that has a true commitment to learning and teaching others, Steven is the epitome of these characteristics.

Steven began his career with GreenPath in 2007 as a Bankruptcy Counselor, and has been a great coach for our clients.  He has worked at WHQ as well as worked at our field centers.  Prior to his tenure with GreenPath, Steven worked with at-risk children in Detroit and has a very interesting professional background working all over the globe.  Previously, he has had the opportunity to travel the world doing research, educating, and mentoring individuals that are faced significant challenges.  He has lived in 6 different countries Scotland, England Nicaragua, El Salvador, United States and Brazil.  (Interesting to note that he was born in Korea)
He speaks 3 ½ different languages. (You’ll have to ask him about the ½.)

Words from Steven's Manager: "Steven is a good fit for his teaching spirit and willingness to help others in need.  This goes for his co-workers and our clients.  Recently Steven conducted a spur of the moment HECM session in Portuguese for a client.  He is also very well-liked as a Help Desk representative because people feel comfortable asking him questions.  When you talk to Steven it feels like you’re talking to your best friend – even if you’ve never met him."
And in Steven's own words: “Each one of us ought to be proud that we are affecting positive change as the company grows.  I think it is important to acknowledge that there have been challenges, but we should celebrate that we have been able to meet those challenges.  We should take a breath and see that we are moving in the right direction.”
Congratulations Steven!  We are so proud of you and sincerely appreciate all that you do!   You are definitely a valuable member of the organization and truly exemplify our "Be The Change!" initiative here at GreenPath.


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