Job Title:  Financial Counselor


Position Summary

Are you open to change, personal growth and dedication to the community?

Are you dedicated to change, personal growth and your community?

If this describes you, consider joining our team here at GreenPath, Inc.! We have a One Team One Dream outlook with our financial knowledge and expertise that provides our clients with a better quality of life and a clear path to financial success!

With our World Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI and 50+ Field Center locations across the U.S., we have performed financial counseling for over 50 years AND COUNTING!!! For debtors struggling to overcome credit card debt, mortgage concerns, student loans and/or possible bankruptcy, we are only a phone call away.

In our Call Center Operations we have room on the floor for Counselors ready to educate clients, analyze their budgets and determine what their best options are. Our counselors work with clients to evaluate their financial options and make a recommendation based on their here and now budget.  During these sessions, counselors strive to build a strong rapport and create an environment where clients are comfortable sharing sensitive and personal information.

The goal of a counselor is to coach and mentor, ultimately creating a more financially secure future for our clients.  All of our Counselors have a Bachelor’s Degree and are certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Do you have what it takes?

 Are you ready to put on the jersey and be a starter?

Current Location Opening: Farmington Hills, MI - Corporate Office


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