College Partnerships

GreenPath is continually working on new ways to add value to universities, community colleges and trade schools.

Default Prevention
Concerned about your school's student loan default rate?  GreenPath partners with schools to lower their student loan default rate.  Let us work with your delinquent borrowers to get them on a budget and help them manage their debts.

Student Loan Counseling
Are any of your students struggling with debt?  Refer them and/or their parents to GreenPath.  We'll be happy to send you a supply of brochures and statement inserts.  We can even design a free, customized website page specifically for your school and your students.  We have been helping people get out of debt since 1961, specializing in credit card debt, student loan debt and mortgage debt.

Alumni Services
Interested in providing a value-added service for your alumni free of charge?  We'll design a free, customized website page specifically for your school and your alumni.  We can provide free online educational tools and resources, as well as access to one-on-one assistance for alumni who need help with their debt.

Campus Presence
If your school is located near a GreenPath office, we can conduct on-campus counseling sessions for your students and staff.  We can also provide workshops and presentations on topics such as credit scores, identity theft, budgeting and money management. 

If your college is interested in learning more about how GreenPath can help you and your students, contact us today at


Mohan, Systems Programmer/Analyst ManagerMeet Mohan, systems programmer/analyst manager who is responsible for managing GreenPath's programming team.  "I enjoy helping my team provide custom solutions for the business.  We also use technology to help make things more convenient and efficient for our customers."  Mohan has worked for GreenPath since 1999.