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Student Loan Dictionary

The world of student loans can be complicated and confusing.  With this helpful tool, you can learn some common student loan-related terms and definitions.

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Tips for Recent Graduates

Here are 10 tips that can save you some headaches and money, regardless of whether you just finished school or are already paying on student loans.

Graduation cap and money - GreenPath talks about student loan repayment options.

Repayment Options

Read a brief explanation of some of the most common federal loan repayment options.  GreenPath can help you explore student loan repayment options in more detail. 

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Postponing Payments

Deferment and forbearance are common options for postponing student loan payments.  But use them wisely because as interest continues to accrue and debt balances continue to grow on most loans.

NSLDS - National Student Loan Database


The National Student Loans Data System is a centralized database that stores information on all U.S. Department of Education loans and grants.

Meet Stephanie, a supervisor in GreenPath's Account Maintenance Department.  Stephanie started at GreenPath in 2008, as an account coordinator.  "It makes my day when we can call a client at the end of their program and say 'Congrats, you did it.  You're officially debt free!'  What a great feeling!"