Dads often recite famous quotes for inspiration, such as “A stitch in time saves nine” or “Measure twice, cut once.” Other times they just skip to the chase --- “You’re doing it wrong, let me show you the right way!” Regardless of their motivational style, dad was usually a go-to guy when it came to personal finance advice.

In honor of Father’s Day, some of our GreenPath staff shared personal finance advice they received from their dad over the years.


"When I hit 13 years of age, my dad told me “You want it?  You buy it.” It didn’t matter if it was a bike, stereo or baseball glove. I had to get a paper route and have been paying for all that stuff ever since." – Kurt M.


"As a teenage boy wanting to drive, my dad made clear, I had to pay for the car and the insurance. I waited tables on weekends to make what was needed to meet those obligations. I learned early, it was solely on me to work hard and earn the money to pay for the things I felt were important to me." - Andy M.


"My Dad’s advice was to try and put half of any raise that you get into a regular investment/savings account. His thoughts were that these investments will grow over time and help towards retirement and other financial goals that you’d want to achieve."– Rus H.



"The value of hard work and fairness, along with being willing to do jobs that others turn their nose up at, are both really important things that I learned from my dad." – Bill D.


"No matter how bad you want to make a luxury purchase (shoes, music, videogames,etc) wait 30 days.  After 30 days is up, if you still have that urge, at that point you can consider making the purchase." - Nick B.

So, dear old dad knew what he was talking about! Have a safe and Happy Father's Day!