Katie Atkinson 2016 GreenPath Client of the YearYou Are Beyond Awesome!
By Katie Atkinson

2016 GreenPath Client of the Year

(Editor's Note: GreenPath recently sat down with Katie Atlkinson, our 2016 GreenPath Client of the Year, who shared her success story while on a GreenPath debt management plan. We will be featuring her in a video in the coming weeks, but wanted to share a message from her to all our GreenPath employees, clients, partners, and friends.)

Upon completing my five year journey with GreenPath, I sent on an email, thanking them for all their support. I wrote:

I am crying tears of joy right now, due to my five-year journey with GreenPath.

Five years ago, I couldn't see how I was going to pay off my credit card debt and felt like I was drowning. Your company saved me from giving up, and gave me hope.

My husband bailed on our marriage in year two of our DMP and never provided any financial support during or after my marriage. But, I learned how to scrimp and save.

I have now seen the day that I could only dream of five years ago, when I sat in the Saginaw GreenPath office in tears of shame and guilt for letting our spending get so far out of control.

You truly saved my self-worth, my financial security and my life. I will  forever sing your praises to anyone needing financial guidance. YOU ARE BEYOND AWESOME!”

Thank you for all your care, compassion and support over these past five years!