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Register today for a free financial webinar presented by GreenPath education professionals. The first and third Wednesday of each month, we present a different "Webinar Wednesday" topic at 12 noon Eastern. Also, throughout the year, we hold special webinars for "Money Smart Week", "America Saves Week" and other special programs. Or watch a recorded webinar at your convenience.

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Arranging Your Debts | Wed Jan 24th - 12:00pm

Roughly 80% of Americans have some sort of debt.  If you are the 8 in 10 who do, this webinar is for you.  We will discuss how to prioritize your payments, automate financial decisions, and maximize your ability to pay off debt.  Click here to register.

Ready, Set, File! | Wed Feb 7th - 12:00pm

Join us, as we focus on income taxes.  First, we will help you get ready to file by looking at the documents you'll need.  Then, we'll get set by discussing your tax preparation options.  We'll wrap up with the file portion of the webinar, where we'll discuss timelines and what to watch out for if you're expecting a refund. Register here.

Cruise Control For Your Finances | Wed Feb 21st - 12:00pm

Decision Fatigue is a real thing that we all suffer from.  Our conversation today will be with GreenPath’s own Behavioral Insights Consultant, Chinmay Aradhye.  We will touch on tips for setting your finances on auto-pilot, ways to motivate yourself to achieve your dreams, and other common behavioral science tips to lead a financial healthy life. Click here to register!

Planning for the Future | Wed Mar 7th - 12:00pm

As humans, we struggle with long term planning and saving. Science show us that the future can be uncertain for us, so why would we focus on saving now? This conversation will tap into a Certified Financial Planner, so we can all better understand the value of long term saving and  learn how to get started on our journey to a more financially secure future. Register here.