Banking Is - Student Financial Education

Lance and Maya, young professionals and subject matter experts, present money management topics of interest to high school and college students.

1 - Banking Is Introduction
Meet Lance and Maya, as they discuss how important it is for students to learn about smart money management.

2 - Earning Money: Let's Make Some Money
Discussion about responsibilities that go along with getting that first job and earning a regular pay check.

3 - Budgeting: A Strategy That Always Wins
Topics include cash flow, budgeting and tips for making smart financial decisions.

4 - Saving Money: A Penny Saved...
Explore strategies for saving money and earning interest to achieve your financial goals.

5 - Checking Accounts: Just Let Me Check That
A look at checking accounts, creditor fees and tips for avoiding insufficient funds.

6 - Banking Electronic: Let Your Fingers Do The Banking
Electronic banking concepts and tips.

7 - Credit and Credit Scores: You Can’t Use What You Don’t Have
Information about credit reports, credit scores, using credit cards wisely and establishing a positive credit history.

8 - Buying A Car: Living in the Present
Find out about buying a car, financing a car loan, cosigning and the costs of owning a car.

Tips & Advice
Helpful personal finance tips and advice for students and young adults.

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