GreenPath offers Financial Help for Couples - FOX/San Antonio, TX

GreenPath offers Financial Help for Couples -
FOX 29 - San Antonio, TX

22 March 2016
San Antonio — Now that Valentine's Day is over and wedding season is heating up, how do you discuss finances as a couple? When is it a good time to have this conversation and how can you achieve financial wellness with your partner? GreenPath Debt Solutions counselor Jorge Mata stopped by "Fox News Midday" to give us those answers. Watch the complete news interview below.

A TV binge-watcher’s guide to choosing a card - CreditCardGuide

A TV binge-watcher’s guide to choosing a card
Dawn Papandrea/CreditCardGuide

21 March 2016

If you recently spent a whole weekend with Frank Underwood from “House of Cards,” or have been pulling all-nighters to catch up with “Game of Thrones” before Season 6 starts, you are probably a TV binge-watcher. The bane in a binge-watcher’s existence, however, is falling for someone else’s recommendation for a good show, but then wasting precious time getting sucked into a bad series. The same bad advice can prevent you from choosing the best plastic products for your needs. 

Love, Money and Preventing Financial Feuds

Love, Money and Preventing Financial Feuds
Jennifer Profitt/WSMH-TV (Flint, MI)

14 February 2016

“I pretty much handle everything, I’m a control freak,” said Gabriella Ramirez, who’s getting married later this year. She’s been with her fiancé for seven years, and they’ve found a system that works well for them. Still, financial counselor Midea Porterfield, a financial counselor with GreenPath, Inc. Saginaw Township, said it’s a good idea to make sure both partners are aware of your household spending and saving.

6 Money Clues Your Date is a Financial Disaster -

6 money clues your date is a financial disaster
Dawn Papandrea/

11 February 2016
Deciding whether to build a future with someone goes beyond just physical attraction and common interests. The most successful couples often have similar financial goals and money habits. Consider this: The top four reasons behind money fights among couples are spending habits (67 percent), not saving enough (37 percent), bills (33 percent) and debt (29 percent), according to the 2015 Fidelity Investments "Couples Retirement Study."

Need to Slash Student Debt? Watch out for Rip-offs - USA Today

Need to slash student debt? Watch out for rip-offs
Susan Tompor/USA Today (via Detroit Free Press)

7 February 2016

Who would have thought you could run into a land mine of rip-offs just trying to find a way to slash a few bucks off your student loan payment each month? Borrower beware.

Play it Safe with Zero Percent on Purchases - Credit Card Forum

Play it safe with 0 percent on purchases
Kristin McGrath/CreditCardForum

5 February 2016
A card with an introductory 0 percent APR on purchases can seem like an answer to your cash-strapped prayers. envelope advertising 0%.  Yet before you apply, you’ll need to figure out if you’re the type of person who can use one of these deals safely, or if you’ll incur massive financial damage.

Watch out for those ATM Fees - KABB-TV/FOX (San Antonio)

Keep ATM Fees in Check
KABB-TV/FOX (San Antonio)

29 January 2016

San Antonio — Recently, it was reported that consumers were charged more than $6 billion in ATM and overdraft fees in 2015.

GreenPath Financial Wellness was in on "Fox News Midday" to explain how to save money when using an ATM.

7 Ways to Save Money for an Emergency Fund - Investopedia

7 Ways to Save Money for an Emergency Fund
Terri Williams/Investopedia

7 Janury 2016

Life is full of unexpected surprises, and some of them can really put a dent in your budget. Emergency situations, such as repairing a car, replacing an appliance, paying a large health insurance deductible, or taking an unexpected trip, can deplete your savings or cause you to make unwise decisions that may cripple your financial future.