Several new announcements were made recently across the Midwest related to housing relief and counseling opportunities. Here is a round-up of recent articles:

In the Detroit Free Press, business writer Susan Tompor discussed how Michigan homeowners who faced financial hardships and got behind on their property taxes may be able to qualify for up to $30,000 in assistance.

The Step Forward Michigan program kicked off a program Jan. 15 that offers a five-year forgivable loan to cover back property taxes. The program is still being phased in.

Phone counselor 229x152In the article, GreenPath housing specialist Kathy Conley (left) discussed that said some of the finer points of the program are still being explained. But she noted that it’s key that someone could still afford to be in the house going forward.

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In Wisconsin, GreenPath counselor Ellen Bernards ( below right), recently ran an ongoing seminar for first-time homebuyers, where, in part, she covered tips on applying for down payment funding.

In the WisconsEllen Bernards 1in State Journal, Ellen explained that the program is held on two nights twice a month, the class runs a total of seven hours. The program covers the pros and cons of home ownership, with topics such as budgeting, money management, credit scores and what to consider when shopping for a home. It also offers sessions with industry experts about the lending process, home inspections, insurance, home warranties, the closing process and forms.

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GreenPath offers housing counseling over the phone or at more than 55 locations in 12 states. Log-on to the GreenPath housing page here or call the GreenPath housing department at 888-860-4167 for more information.