HAMP adjusted mortgage rates set to expire: Earliest enrollees will see mortgage rates go up

By Nick DeMeester, GreenPath housing manager

CNN recently reported that the earliest enrollees in the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) will be seeing their mortgage rates increase shortly, that could result in more re-defaults in the next few years.

The HAMP program was launched in 2009.  It was intended to help troubled borrowers by reducing the principal balance they owed or the monthly interest they paid.  Some borrowers received interest rates as low as two percent.

The earliest borrowers in the program, where the modifications remained fixed for five years, will begin seeing their rates climb.

The CNN story quoted Treasury Department special inspector general Christy Romero.  She said, "We're already seeing alarming re-default rates and are really worried that this could lead to more. It will be a real challenge for people to pay the higher amounts."

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