April signals the deadline for filing your taxes, and many people have received refunds by now. Here are a few pointers from recent GreenPath media stories.

From Mainstreet: “A tax refund is such a great opportunity to really make a significant difference in someone’s entire financial situation,” said Kathryn Bossler, financial counselor with GreenPath Financial Wellness in Detroit. “It could be a way to make a major dent in credit card debt or a way to be able to build some emergency savings that many struggle to build throughout the year with just a paycheck.”


From Upscale Magazine: Other great tips include making contributions to prioritize your retirement, kid’s college education, create an emergency fund, giving to charity, or if you can’t make up your mind about what to do, divide the proceeds into thirds. Says Sara Gilbert, a counselor with GreenPath Financial Wellness, “Put some toward savings, debt and then splurge. That way, you make progress on several financial fronts.”

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