GreenPath took part in "Take Your Kids to Work Day" on Thursday, April 23. Below is a guest posting from two of the attendees. (Note: Photos were taken and edited by the two writers.)

Bring Your Child To Work Day
By Sidni, Age 9

GreenPath Guest Blog Contributor

I walked in GreenPath today. I was so nervous, I felt like a cat on a ferris wheel! I helped pass out badges with my mom. Then, I went into the conference room to eat breakfast and learn some things about GreenPath. Did you know GreenPath has 60 offices across the country?

I went to The Park for lunch. I had chicken tenders, tator tots, macaroni and cheese and three refills on Sprite! We split into groups and took a tour of GreenPath. It was amazing! If you ever come to GreenPath, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.







Take Your Kid to Work Day
By Jessie, Age 12

GreenPath Guest Blog Contributor

We, the kids, sat down at tables all together, receiving bags of supplies, cups, pens, etc. We did lots of games and projects, working in groups, learning about money management.

We made paper airplanes and received fake money in order to pay for toys. The objective was working together, using money wisely and setting goals. While kids had fun, we still learned a valuable lesson.

We also toured the building. I believe that kids watching a parent working and smiling inspires them to want to work, too, when they become of age.

I also strongly believe that "Take Your Kid To Work Day" should last forever! It helps kids see doing work is fulfilling and enjoyable!