Take Your Kids to Work Day at GreenPath!
By Kate, Landon, Steven and Jessie

GreenPath "Take Your Kids to Work Day" Reporters

We had a great time at our Third "Take Your Kids to Work Day" program at GreenPath. We had 20 kids at our headquarters and five kids joined us from Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin and New York. They did hands-on projects, interviewed staff, played educational games, helped out in different activities, and even tried their hand in our "Fun Zone", where they could practice their putting, ping-pong or air hockey skills!

Thank you to our great staff and parents for supporting this fun and educational day! (Pictures below are by our GreenPath Youth Reporters and staff.)

Photo collage of kids at parents work

One of the projects during the day was shadowing an employee to learn more about what they do at GreenPath, their background and interests. In the communications area, we had four great kids, who documented what they did during the day, and took pictures throughout the building. Here's some feedback from each of them.

Young girl

Kate, Age 10, 5th grade

Today, we played fun games. One was called "Show Me the Money," where we answered questions about budgeting, saving and needs versus wants. I wish I could work here, becuase of all the nice people here. Another game we played was, where, as a group, we made up  our own company and logo. It was a fun day!



Young boy

Landon, Age 13, 7th grade

Today, at GreenPath, we toured the building. One of the learning games we played was "Financial Football." To make plays, you had to answer financial questions, from credit card theft to learning about loans and budgeting. I think Financial Wellness is how you use your money, in a good or bad way. Also, how you budget.



Steven, Age 12, 6th grade

I had fun playing the games. I think Financial Wellness means that you are okay with your money. I also played "Financial Football" and learned many things.




Young girl

Jessie, Age 13, 7th grade

Today, at GreenPath, the leaders taught the kids in fun and different ways, what financial problems are, and how to deal with them. It helped us see some problems in the world, like family issues and money problems. We played a game, testing us on what we should do in a financial problem. Financial Wellness, in my mind, is when your money is on the right track, you are not in debt or needing a loan, and everything is just right!

We had a great day! And learning turned out to be fun, for our 25 attendees! Stay money smart, kids!