National Retirement Planning Week - April 4-11 - Do You Know Where You Stand?


Did you know this week is National Retirement Planning Week?
by Sara Gilbert, GreenPath manager, Colorado and Wyoming

National Retirement Planning week is supported by the National Retirement Planning Coalition - a group of prominent education, consumer advocacy and financial services organizations to raise public awareness of the need for comprehensive retirement planning. You can find more information at

Take Me Out to the Ball Game - But How Do We Afford It?


Take Me Out to the Ball Game - But How Do We Afford It?

As the new Major League Baseball season kicks off in April, your thoughts may be turning to games at the ballyard. But, how to pay for box seats, parking and the all-important hotdogs?

Eight Ways To Help Build Your Credit


Eight Ways To help your credit
By Katie Moore, GreenPath counselor, Detroit office

Credit is a very important tool to have in your personal finance arsenal. When used wisely, it can help save you money, reduce interest rates on loans and more. We recently compiled some do's and don'ts, when it comes to helping build your credit.

Use Your Tax Refund to Help Reach your Financial Goals


by Sara Gilbert, GreenPath manager for Colorado and Wyoming

It’s tax season and time to get your paperwork ready for the IRS and think about what you will do if you receive a tax refund. For those who qualify for earned income and child care tax credits, that refund could be significant.


How To Improve Your Credit Score


by Katie Moore, GreenPath counselor, Detroit office

There seems to be alot of headlines today around "fast ways to improve your credit score." Whether you watch TV or listen to the radio, it seems like there is always a new way to get your score higher. GreenPath's Katie Moore recently answered some questions around credit scores.


New Housing Rules Take Effect


The financial crisis of 2007-2010 led to calls for changes in many of our regulatory systems, including those covering mortgages.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), established by the Dodd-Frank Act that was signed into law in 2010, is one of those changes.