New Housing Rules Take Effect


The financial crisis of 2007-2010 led to calls for changes in many of our regulatory systems, including those covering mortgages.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), established by the Dodd-Frank Act that was signed into law in 2010, is one of those changes.


Victim of identity theft? 4 steps to take right away.


As more stores are coming forward stating that sensitive credit card and other personal data has been stolen from their databases, GreenPath reminds consumers that they need to take four steps immediately after learning they are victims of identity theft.

Key Steps to Take to Protect Your Identity, post-Target Data theft


by Sara Gilbert, GreenPath manager, Colorado/Wyoming

The theft of customers’ credit card numbers and other personal information from Target during the Christmas holiday has more of us asking what we should do to better protect our financial information from identity thieves.

Options for Overcoming Thin Credit


Jane McNamara, GreenPath president and CEO, discusses debt charge-off and collection agency rights, in her latest “Let’s Talk Credit” column on

Dear Let's Talk Credit, I have a "thin" credit status and do understand, mostly, what it is. I have lived with my parents since October of 2008 to help my dad take care of my mom and the house.

Tackle your debt in 2014 - Seven Quick Tips


By David Flores, GreenPath personal finance counselor

It's almost spring time and after a harsh winter in most of the United States, you may be thinking about upgrading your home or planning that vacation getaway.


Identity Theft is more than just stealing your wallet!


We are deep into the holiday season, and, while we don’t want to alarm you, it is important to keep a holiday budgeting eye on your credit cards and updates from your credit card companies, as your holiday shopping continues.

Many people think that identity thieves only are able to steal your credit card numbers and identity, if they pickpocket your wallet or snatch your purse.

Before Jumping into Holiday Shopping, Secure your Credit Cards!


Black Friday shoppingBy Katie Moore, GreenPath counselor, Detroit, MI
This holiday season will have the traditional masses of shoppers taking to area malls and stores, while many will opt to shop online from their couch. Whichever way you choose to shop, GreenPath wants to remind shoppers that identity thieves could be lurking, waiting for a slip-up and an opportunity to steal their identity.