How do I know if I’m a victim of identity theft?


Jane McNamara, GreenPath president and CEO, discusses steps to take if you’re a victim of identity theft, in her latest “Let’s Talk Credit” column on

Dear Jane
How do I find out if someone is using credit in my name without my knowing? — Carolyn

Five Fast Tips: Building Your Credit Score


Here are 5 things you can do to build up your credit score:
  1. Pay your bills on time.
  2. Use less than thirty percent of your total available credit. An example would be if you have the $1000 of available credit, you should never have more than $300 of credit on your cards.

Share Money Lessons during Back-to-School Shopping


As many families undertake back-to-school shopping in the coming weeks, GreenPath Financial Wellness reminds parents that it is the opportune time to share some personal finance lessons with their kids.


Back-to-school savings start before you leave the house


As many families will venture out over the next few weeks to start or continue back-to-school shopping (see our poll below), GreenPath Financial Wellness reminds shoppers that with some quick planning, you can keep more money in your wallet after checkout.

Retirees and Pension Holders Should Review Finances Today


As Detroit, Michigan, continues its Chapter 9 bankruptcy process, retired City of Detroit pensioners are still learning about the fate of their monthly pension payments. City employees with pensions, and all retirees, need to have a plan in place, in case their monthly income is reduced.

Don't Get Burned by Personal Finance Fireworks


As we start the second half of 2013, there are some potentially dangerous personal finance fireworks that you might experience this upcoming Independence Day holiday that could derail your saving and budgeting plans you built in early 2013.

Help a relative in debt, without severing family ties


At times, family and money can mix like oil and water! Jane McNamara, GreenPath president and CEO discusses ways to help a relative out of  debt without severing family ties in her latest “Let’s Talk Credit” column on