Debt pay-off options: Less now or alot later?


(Jane McNamara, GreenPath president and CEO, authors a credit advice column “Let’s Talk Credit” with, answering weekly questions on credit and debt. This week, Jane discusses payment options on credit card debt.)


Help! Sneaky sis used my credit card and damaged my credit.


My sister used my credit card without my knowledge. I had stopped using the card and was unaware she was using it. She did not pay on time each month and now that I am trying to buy a house, the late payments are affecting my credit score. (The account is now current). Is there anything I can do to get her activity with my card off of my credit report? — Renee


Give the gift of personal finance this Mother’s Day


The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) recently surveyed peoples’ opinions of their mother’s personal finance skills.  An overwhelming majority, 67 percent, saw their mother as either someone who is intimidated by money, views managing money as a necessary evil, or has never managed money.

5 federal housing programs homeowners should know about in 2013!


“Property values are starting to creep up in some areas, but many homeowners are still underwater and owe more than their home is worth,” said Rick Bialobrzeski, GreenPath director of communications. “Each week, we talk to hundreds of homeowners who are having trouble keeping up with their mortgage payments.”