Take Your Kids to Work Day at GreenPath


Take Your Kids to Work Day
By Sidni and Jessie

GreenPath Special Contributors

GreenPath took part in "Take Your Kids to Work Day" on Thursday, April 23. Below is a guest posting from two of the attendees.

Let's Put that Tax Refund to Work for You


April signals the deadline for filing your taxes, and many people have received refunds by now. Here are a few pointers from recent GreenPath media stories.

From Mainstreet: “A tax refund is such a great opportunity to really make a significant difference in someone’s entire financial situation,” said Kathryn Bossler, financial counselor with GreenPath Financial Wellness in Detroit.

Tax refund tips: Have you heard of the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 distribution?


The average tax refund last year was just less than $3,000 — about the same amount expected for returns being filed now. For many of us, money and expenses are a constant concern. But if you expect a nice refund this year, try to use that money to alleviate some of those concerns.


Sunshine Hefferon - Smiles are her Reward for Counseling - NerdWallet


Credit Counselor Hefferon: Smiles Are Her Reward
Cliff Goldstein NerdWallet Finance

27 February 2015

Sunshine is a financial counselor at GreenPath Financial Wellness’ call center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. When she takes a call, her first goal is to establish a rapport with the caller. That allows her to begin the sometimes difficult but always satisfying experience of helping consumers improve their finances and their life.

Top 5 Personal Finance Blog Posts of 2014


By Andrew Johnson
GreenPath Communications Manager

3 February 2015

Time to take a look back at our top 5 personal finance blog posts of 2014, found on our “Write on the Money” blog page. It was a busy year, from discussing ways to tame credit card debt to what to do in the aftermath of the Target data security breach.

How to Check Your Annual Credit Report - Beverly Harzog (Guest Contributor)


How to Check Your Annual Credit Report
Beverly Harzog/Guest Contributor

23 January 2015

It’s a brand new year! And that makes it a great time to put some credit housekeeping in place for 2015. You should have “Check my annual credit report” near the top of your list. You’re entitled to a free annual credit report from each credit bureau every 12 months.