How to Check Your Annual Credit Report - Beverly Harzog (Guest Contributor)


How to Check Your Annual Credit Report
Beverly Harzog/Guest Contributor

23 January 2015

It’s a brand new year! And that makes it a great time to put some credit housekeeping in place for 2015. You should have “Check my annual credit report” near the top of your list. You’re entitled to a free annual credit report from each credit bureau every 12 months.

Use Caution When that Lotto Pot Grows!


By Katie Moore
GreenPath Counselor
Detroit, MI

Recently, CBS Radio Detroit had a story on an upcoming drawing for a large lottery. It is not surprising to hear that when asked, the first thing lotto players would do is pay off debt. 


The Car Buying Process in Seven Steps


By Andrew Johnson
GreenPath Communications Manager

The Wall Street Journal recently had an article on car loans stating that "more than 2.6% of car-loan borrowers who took out loans in the first quarter of 2014 had missed at least one monthly payment." Here are some steps to consider to ensure that you have a good auto-buying experience and keep your car in your driveway, month-after-month!

Holiday Shopping Countdown: 7 Tips to Stay on Track


By Katie Moore
GreenPath Personal Finance Counselor
Detroit, MI

The holiday spending season is upon us! Here's some tips from GreenPath to help ease a "credit card hangover" in 2015! Katie discusses money saving tips and identity theft prevention on the Detroit FOX affiliate.


Be Wary of Suspicious Emails in the Wake of the Home Depot Security Breach


As home-improvement giant The Home Depot revealed that hackers stole more than 53 million customer email addresses during their security data breach, customers need to be on guard for possible email phishing scams. 

"If you receive emails from The Home Depot or other groups in the coming weeks, you need to carefully scrutinize if they are authentic or not," said Andrew Johnson, GreenPath Communications Manager. "If you are in doubt, call the company's customer relations department or initiate an email with your questions."

GreenPath to Host Twitter Chat on Oct. 22 - #GPKnows


GreenPath’s education and training department will host its first “Twitter Chat” on Wednesday, October 22 at noon ET.

As the Fair Issac Corporation recently announced adjustments to how credit scores are compiled, GreenPath will answer tweets about changes in credit scoring, and will also address any other credit report and score related questions.

Take swift action against collection debt


By Sara Gilbert - GreenPath Community Engagement Liason

The high number of collection debts carried by so many might be continued fallout from the recession. Getting a handle on unpaid accounts will certainly improve your finances.