Home Equity Loans - Increase in Home Values May Signal Their Return


By Mark Munzenberger
GreenPath Housing Director

Here’s the good news – nearly every state across the country is experiencing increases in home values. At the same time, this is opening up the door for some homeowner’s to tap into that equity in the form of a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit.


Now is the Time to Start Planning for the Holidays


It’s hard to believe that now is the perfect time to start getting ready for the holidays.

By making a plan, watching for sales and adjusting your budget, you can make this holiday one that will be easier on your pocketbook. 

Don’t Wait to Seek Financial Advice – Free Help is Available


By Sara Gilbert
GreenPath Community Engagement Liaison

Why do we wait to take action on items such as getting financial advice or setting up a budget? Especially when the chips are down and decisions are difficult, taking action can be tough.

4 Personal Finance Fireworks To Avoid This July 4th


By David Flores
GreenPath Manager and Counselor

As summer gets underway and we have the July 4th holiday in our sights, we feel it's an appropriate time to discuss some potentially dangerous personal finance fireworks you might encounter.

Build a Budget, Don't Tap Retirement Money


By Katie Moore
GreenPath counselor
Detroit, MI

Recently, an article in Bloomberg News discussed how more people are tapping into their retirement accounts to make ends meet. At GreenPath, we encounter more people asking about the ramifications of using money that has been set aside for the future.

Money Advice in Honor of Father's Day - Earn, Invest, Work, Wait


Dads often recite famous quotes for inspiration, such as “A stitch in time saves nine” or “Measure twice, cut once.” Other times they just skip to the chase --- “You’re doing it wrong, let me show you the right way!” Regardless of their motivational style, dad was usually a go-to guy when it came to personal finance advice.

High-School Grads Need to Set Budget and Goals Before Fall Classes


Catherine Wall, GreenPath partner relations specialist, recently helped her son and daughter prepare for college and learned from the experiences they faced. She offers the following financial tips for students and their parents, whether they are bound for college or trade school.



Have the Talk before You Take the Walk


By Sara Gilbert
GreenPath Manager and Counselor

According to a study in the 2012 Family Relations Journal, arguing about money may be a strong predictor of an eventual divorce. Other issues related to power or trust may exist, but arguing about money without being able to resolve the issues is never a good thing.

Ten Personal Finance Must-Dos for College Grads


By Bill Druliner
GreenPath manager and counselor

Many 2014 college graduates are basking in the glory of wrapping up their bachelors or masters degrees this month. However, their downtime will be short-lived. Soon, they will face even more responsibilities, ranging from landing that first job to paying off their student loans.