Kids and Money

Four children holding piggy banksIf you have children, these articles offer ideas for helping your kids learn important life skills about earning money, saving money and spending money wisely. 

Allowances - Giving your child an allowance can be a great way to help teach them about earning and managing money.

Budgeting for Children - Help your children start budgeting at an early age using the "Save, Share, Spend" method.

Financial Crisis for a Family - If you are faced with a job loss, it's important that you are honest with your kids and involve them in budgeting activities.

First Job for a Teen - Starting their first job is a major milestone in the life of a teenager.  Help them decide if they're ready and what kind of job is appropriate.

Teaching Teens About Money - It's critical that teenagers learn the concepts of spending and saving.  Here are some suggestions for helping them learn important financial lessons.