Bankruptcy Attorney Support

If you are a bankruptcy attorney, learn how GreenPath can make life easier for you, your staff and your clients.  We provide:

  • A dedicated Attorney Relations team for you and your staff
  • Competitive pricing online and by telephone
  • Client service without an appointment
  • Live, interactive assistance for your clients
  • Immediate certificate delivery to you and your clients

Why Should I Choose GreenPath?

We really care about you and your clients.  Our dedicated Attorney Relations team is here whenever you or your staff has a question or concern.  We answer your calls and emails promptly, and your staff gets to know our team on a personal level.  If there is an issue, we make it right.

We make sure you receive client certificates immediately after a session is conducted.  Our prices are extremely competitive.  Are we the lowest-cost provider?  No, but we’re number one in customer service.  Fewer headaches for your staff results in greater efficiency and productivity in your office.  And all of our people are GreenPath employees located here in the United States — in Farmington Hills, Michigan — not outsourced overseas as is the case with other providers.

Why Should I Open an Online Account?

Opening an online account enables you and your staff to:

  • Retrieve client certificates at any time
  • View the real-time counseling status of your clients
  • View your monthly invoices for current and past months

Setting up an account is easy.  Just e-mail Attorney Relations at attorney_relations@greenpath.com or call us at 866-294-2962.

Already Have an Online GreenPath Account?

Log in at the top of this screen.  Click here if you forgot your GreenPath ID or password.  If you need help, e-mail Attorney Relations at attorney_relations@greenpath.com or call us at 866-294-2962.

We’re Here for You

GreenPath’s Attorney Relations team is happy to answer your questions, provide customer assistance, or set you up with a billing code or online account.  E-mail us at attorney_relations@greenpath.com or call us at 1-866-294-2962.