What to Do If Your Credit Score Has Fallen – 5 Tips

Your credit score can affect your life in a lot of ways, from whether you are eligible for a loan or credit card, or qualified for a security clearance. If your credit score has fallen or you want to improve your credit score, these tips can get you started. What is a Credit Score? A credit score uses historical information...

Practicing Healthy Habits Can Help Spark Your Financial Independence

Making the transformation from being a carefree young person to a financially healthy adult can seem overwhelming and scary.  Most young adults starting out can attest to the challenges of managing an entry-level salary while still striving for the financial stability. But there are ways to create a path to financial independence early in your career.

Real Stories Episode 24: Shannon McLay – Building Financial Strength with the Founder/CEO of the Financial Gym

Long before this podcast was born, our guest, Shannon McLay, was a pioneer. Her podcast, Martinis and Your Money has been going strong for 7 years… and 400 episodes. On her show, Shannon is not shy about talking about her own challenges.

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