How GreenPath Piloted an Empathy Based Financial Coaching Program

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Tuesday, July 12 @ 11:00 am EDT - 12:00 pm EDT

Attend an informative webinar that shares results from an innovative financial coaching program Your Money Guide, an online, email, and telephone financial coaching program that provides low-to-moderate income individuals with a path to financial resiliency.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the impressive results stemming from GreenPath’s Your Money Guide financial coaching program.
  • See the rich details about the program’s success in reaching and retaining clients.
  • Learn about how the outcomes were a direct result of GreenPath’s empathy-focused coaching services, human-centered communications, and innovative program recruitment.

Who Should Attend

  • Financial organizations interested in providing coaching and support to empower financial health and wellness.
  • Financial institutions such as banks or credit unions looking to understand the value of financial wellness coaching programs.
  • Individuals interested in learning more about the benefits of financial coaching.
Your Money Guide White Paper by Center for Financial Security

Presented by

Dusti Young, Program Manager – GreenPath Financial Wellness

Dusti designs and leads programs for people to learn about their finances, to understand how to navigate decisions, build confidence, and bridge the gap between intention and action.

Dusti has coached over 7,000 people individually and guided 1,342 on their path to financial freedom through a debt management plan. She has spent years teaching groups of people about financial wellness and in just one year presented over 180 training sessions to more than 80 financial institutions.

Hallie Lienhardt, Assistant Director – Center for Financial Security

Hallie Lienhardt has a background in community development planning and housing allowed her to work directly with families facing foreclosure and economic difficulties. This work inspired her to seek an area of engagement that would connect low-income and vulnerable populations to financial capability tools and techniques that are empowering, inspiring, and well-researched. The Center for Financial Security in the School of Human Ecology takes this mission seriously and brings innovative thinking and research to a field that requires ongoing development and dynamic solutions.

J. Michael Collins, Faculty Director – Center for Financial Security

J. Michael Collins is faculty director of the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is the Fetzer Family Chair in Consumer & Personal Finance in the School of Human Ecology, a Professor at the La Follette School of Public Affairs, a family economics specialist for the Division of Extension, and an affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty and Center for Demography and Ecology.

We will record this webinar and send the link of the recording to all registrants after the webinar.

We will record this webinar and send the link of the recording to all registrants after the webinar.

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