Debt Management

The Debt Management Plan Journey

Having credit card debt can be overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. A Debt Management Plan (DMP) can simplify and reduce the stress of managing credit card debt. Our goal is to help you pay off debt faster and put money back in your pocket.

Lower monthly payments. Pay less interest. Pay off debt sooner.

Debt Management JourneyThe first step is a free debt counseling consultation

When you call, you’ll talk to one of our NFCC-certified credit and debt counselors.  We’ll review your financial situation together, and make a personalized plan to get your finances back on track. We’ll explain the options and give you the information you need to make a choice that works for you.

Call us today to get started. It’s free, confidential and no-pressure.

 How debt management plans work

The debt management plan consolidates your debt into a single payment. Each payday, you automatically deposit money into your GreenPath account, and we use that money to pay on your behalf. We may be able to arrange lower interest rates and monthly payments with your creditors, so you can pay off debt faster and save money. Once creditors agree to the program, collection calls stop and you see your balances start to go down.

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When you sign up for a debt management plan, you have an entire team of GreenPath people behind you. You’ll get Information and support, when you need it. We’re here for you at every step of the journey.

You can call us anytime during business hours to reach a debt counselor if you need advice, or to talk to your Client Success Team about your account. You also have instant access to account information through our online debt management portal.

You also have access to a community of others who are paying off their debt in a private online group. This positive community of support is a great place to ask questions, share tips, and get friendly moral support to make your journey easier.

We believe in our clients 1000%, and we love nothing more than seeing you succeed.

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Last year, we helped more than 55,000 households pay off over $215 million in debt. We do this by putting people — you! — at the center of our work. Our counselors receive training in compassion and empathy. It’s our job to listen without judgment, and to treat our clients with respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with most creditors throughout the U.S., including banks, credit unions, retailers, medical providers, auto finance and collection agencies.
Debt management fees vary based on your state of residence and debt amount. GreenPath charges a one-time set up fee that ranges from $0 to $50. We also charge a monthly fee that ranges from $0 to $75. This is minimal considering the amount of money our clients typically save in waived late fees, waived over limit fees, and reduce credit card interest charges.
Since the goal of a debt management program is to pay off debt, the credit cards enroll in the program will be closed. Most creditors will usually allow you to continue using one card for emergencies and travel.
GreenPath is a neutral third-party that works in your best interest. Many creditors support our work because they believe it results in positive, long-term outcomes.
The debt management program itself is not reported to credit bureaus and does not factor into credit scores. The largest % of anyone’s credit score is payment history and with a debt management program, our goal is to make on time payments to liquidate your debt in a reasonable amount of time. Initially, your score may dip when lines of credit are closed, however, people on a debt management program typically see their scores increase over time as they make on-time payments each month.
Yes, they are different. Debt management plans are designed to pay off the entire amount you owe in 3 to 5 years. If we can lower your interest rates, the total amount you pay to your credit card company is typically less than if you paid on your own. Debt settlement typically involves requesting credit card companies to forgive a portion of your debt in exchange for a lump sum payment.