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Credit Card Coach is a free service powered by Nickels that monitors your credit card providers and helps you avoid interest charges and unnecessary fees.

Works with Thousands of Card Providers

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Protect Your Peace of Mind
with Credit Card Coach.


Among Americans who carry credit card debt month to month, 60% have owed their creditors for at least 12 months.

Income Loss

Feeling overwhelmed with high interest rates and inflation? You are not alone.

Gig Economy

Cutting down unnecessary costs creates a healthier financial picture.

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A Customized Plan with You at the Center

Saving money looks different for all of us. Credit Card Coach identifies what works for you, maps your path, and keeps you feeling in control.

Nickels Screen Credit Cards

Feel Confident Where You Stand

We keep an eye on your spending and upcoming statement balances to ensure you’re in good shape when it’s time to make payments.

Nickels Screen Credit Cards
Nickels Screen Recurrings

Ditch the Recurring Charges

Have subscriptions that you no longer want or need? We can help you find and cancel them.

Nickels Screen Recurrings
Nickels Screen Pay Strategically

Pay Smarter

We’ll steer you in the right direction when it comes to which cards you should be paying off first. 

Nickels Screen Pay Strategically
Nickels Screen E Perts

Learn from the Pros

Boost your credit with quick and easy checklist items from financial experts.

Nickels Screen E Perts
Nickels Screen Guidance

Get the Guidance You Need

Life is full of ups and downs. We adapt our plan so that you stay the course no matter what happens.

Nickels Screen Guidance

How it Works

1. Sign In

Enrolling takes less than five minutes and has zero impact on your credit score.

2. Credit Card Coach Monitors Your Cards

Find opportunities to save money on your credit card bills without sacrificing your privacy or security.

3. Review Your Plan

You’ll get personalized guidance and suggestions on paying off debt in a way that works best for you.

Or Log In

Want to learn more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions