We are Here to Help You Navigate Tough Financial Decisions

We know you might be feeling overwhelmed trying to decide, “What’s the best option for me?”  At GreenPath we are dedicated to helping you find a solution to meet your financial needs.

GreenPath has another program available when the traditional Debt Management Program does not meet your needs. This program, the Debt Reduction Program, allows you to resolve your debt more affordably.  It works by cutting the balance you pay on eligible debt by 50%. This means, half of the original balance is re-paid to participating creditors over a 36-month period.  At the completion of the program, the creditor forgives the remaining 50%.

A GreenPath Financial Wellness Expert would be happy to help you identify if this solution might fit your needs. What makes our program different?

Strong Relationships with your Creditors

Homebuyer assistance

GreenPath has more than 30 years of working with the top financial institutions. We work with your creditors to establish a sustainable re-payment plan. We will keep the lines of communication open with those financial institutions and even get those collection calls to stop.

Fair and Ethical Treatment

Bankruptcy Support

GreenPath’s mission is to Help People Lead Financially Healthy Lives. GreenPath is ethical in the terms of our programs and transparent about fees.  As a non-profit organization, we strive to provide you with the services you need without causing greater financial hardship.

Access to GreenPath’s Team of Financial Wellness Experts


You need a unique plan, and someone to help you relieve the stress of your situation. You are not alone,    GreenPath staff will work with you to develop a sound financial strategy. We know things are tough right now, but please consider taking another step to improve your financial life.

How to Get Started:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. Typically, the fee for this program is $20 a month or less depending on the amount of debt and your state’s rules. Our monthly fees will never be higher than $75 a month.
In most cases, GreenPath will receive a response from your financial institution within days.
Generally, for participating creditors, collection calls will stop once the Debt Reduction Program proposal is accepted. Furthermore, GreenPath will never advise you to avoid your creditors. Your GreenPath coach will work with you to resolve your financial concerns.