Education Delivery

Education Delivery

Over the years, GreenPath has developed a multitude of educational delivery systems to aid in educating the people our partners serve. One challenge we have found is measuring and evaluating the efficacy of those systems.

Pathways is a monthly newsletter, delivered in a PDF format, that GreenPath creates to support our partners’ financial education initiatives. In the past, partners have used the PDF as is to print and distribute in branches, or have used articles from it to build blog articles, social media posts, or promote financial health with staff.


Pathways was first published in 2006. Although our logo and colors have changed over the years, the format has remained the same.  In that time, other ways have emerged to deliver similar educational content.

Pathways has been an important part of our tools to support our partners and the people they serve. Partners have given feedback that they like it because it is plug-and-play and can be easily printed. But it has some limitations.

Many organizations, including GreenPath, are cutting back on paper usage. The content is delivered in a static format, and in a digital age, can cause barriers for both partners and the people they serve.

We need your help to determine the next chapter in our education delivery journey!

Please  fill out the form below  and let us know how we can align with your needs and the needs of the people you serve.

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