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Join Us for A Live Session

In this Zoom-like session called MoneyConversations, we will explore our motivations behind our financial goals.  We’ll also break out into smaller groups to share our experiences and hopes for the future.

We Ask that If You Attend, You Agree to the Following

I will listen generously. When someone else shares, we ask that you have your video camera on to show you are listening with body language and have yourself on mute.

When I share, all are served. In other words, we speak about our own experiences and do not judge the choices of others.

Event Agenda

  • 10 min Introduction; guidelines, & break out rooms
  • 20 min Larger Group Discussion & Goal Exercise
  • 20 min Break out room – Goal Discussion with Peers
  • 10 min Large Group Share & Wrap Up
Moneyconversations Zoomscreen