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  • April 16, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

WXYZ TV Detroit looks at the importance of getting financial information you can trust, and cites GreenPath as a trustworthy educational resource.

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April is Financial Literacy Month. Now in our second year of a crippling pandemic, getting financially healthy is top of mind for so many.

But financial experts are raising an alarm on one questionable place people are turning to get their advice.

Because agenda-free information is in demand, Greenpath Financial Wellness, a Michigan-based nonprofit, has launched a 24/7 virtual coaching platform that’ll provide you with professional, free advice.

Financial wellness resources: As a national nonprofit, GreenPath makes available a library of resources including worksheets, guides, educational on-demand webinars about managing finances, online learning experiences to help set a simple spending plan or prioritize expenses, and other educational tools.


Whatever your financial situation, take our 3-minute assessment and we’ll work with you to create personalized steps for moving forward.


Financial counseling and debt management: Teaming with a trusted financial counseling agency gets the right information to help people make the best decisions about their future.

As a national nonprofit, GreenPath Financial Wellness provides free one on one financial advising with certified counselors. You’ll improve your financial literacy education with credit card debt counseling, debt management plans, student loan counseling, housing counseling, foreclosure mitigation, and debt management counseling

Based on a person’s full financial picture, people will understand how to pay down debt, steps to rebuild credit history, tips to create a savings strategy or other specific information to move forward.

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Financial Literacy Month is a good time to connect with a caring financial counselor to conduct a free financial counseling session.

Which financial tools are right for you? If you are ready to manage, and eventually eliminate, your debt, let’s connect!

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