Episode 5: Michele – Feeling Optimistic in a Time of Challenge

  • April 28, 2020
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Meet Michele

Michele faced hardships from many different angles.  Her mortgage payment became unaffordable after her initial payment skyrocketed.  Her husband lost his job.  She subsequently got a divorce, lost the home and filed bankruptcy.  She continued to struggle to keep up with her household expenses after a consolidation loan only provided a temporary fix.  She finally opened up to a friend about how it felt to be unable to afford Christmas gifts for her children.

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Her friend recommended GreenPath, but Michele was skeptical.  But Michele finally reached her breaking point when she was unable to cover the cost of her daughter’s sport and an emergency car repair.  With nothing to lose, she reached out to GreenPath and was amazed that within 10 minutes, she was filled with optimism with the knowledge that she wasn’t alone.  By the end of the day, she was enrolled on a Debt Management Plan, and 11 months in, her outlook is much brighter.

Michele is even paying it forward by sharing her story with friends in the hopes that they will reach out to GreenPath for support as well.

After listening to the first episode of the GreenPath Real Stories podcast series, Michele was inspired to share her own story. Hear her message of hope and her reminder that we are not alone.

Key Moments

0:36 Michele provides an update on how she is coping with income loss and a totaled car in the midst of the pandemic.

12:54 Michele discusses how her mortgage became unaffordable and how she ultimately lost her home.

23:54 Michele shares about how it felt to file bankruptcy after her divorce.

29:46 Michele takes out a consolidation loan, but quickly realizes it’s not a long term solution.

32:22 Michele confides to a friend how it felt to not be able to afford Christmas gifts for her children.

36:14 A call from her daughter’s coach causes Michele to reach her breaking point.

37:52 Michele describes her initial call to GreenPath as “hitting the lottery.”

47:50 She’s now encouraging others to reach out to GreenPath for support.

56:59 Michele explains how her entire mindset around finances has changed.

1:03:34 Our co-hosts reflect on Michele’s story and what all of us can learn from it.

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