Innovative Partnerships

Building a financial culture that works for everyone means re-imagining the system and creating a new status quo. We are seeking innovative partnerships with like-minded organizations. These partners will join us in transforming personal finance and building financial security for millions of Americans.

The Opportunity of Data

A nearly 60-year-old nonprofit with hundreds of thousands of clients, GreenPath has a unique history and experience with understanding financial behavior and decisions. We are engaging partners to unlock that information and harness its power to objectively improve financial health for everyone.

Innovation and Testing

New financial services, products, tools and resources are required to support people along a continuum of financial wellness. The advent of fintech and emerging trends in financial behavior offer opportunities to turn financial products and services into avenues to support people’s wellbeing.

GreenPath has access to hundreds of thousands of clients, and a team skilled in design thinking and prototyping. We are partnering with fintech, financial services and others to imagine and test new ideas to support financial wellness for everyone.

Building a New Model

To impact financial wellness at scale, the model and culture of finance must evolve. We need new measurements of financial security and impact. New data are required. And a new business model and infrastructure will be necessary. Financial services and financial health are ripe for this transformation.

In the last several years, GreenPath has pivoted from a credit counseling agency to a financial wellness organization. We invested in internal culture change and deliberate development of new capabilities. New operating norms have both challenged and enriched us. We are building a new model for financial wellness enterprises. We welcome, connect and convene other organizations to learn from our experiences.

Partner with Us

We combine nearly 60 years of expertise in counseling, debt management and personal finance education  with a people-centered approach. Over the last several years, we have intentionally infused human-centered design and behavioral economics throughout our organization. From our counselors to our CEO,  it’s part of who we are.  We believe these guiding principles set us up to partner in ways that are win-win-win: good for people, good for partners, and good for GreenPath.

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