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Chris Dlugozima PhotoChris Dlugozima

Chris is the one writing this bio, so he refuses to talk about himself in the third person (starting now). I’m a Learning Experience Designer at GreenPath Financial Wellness, where I’ve been since the beginning of the millennium. Using creativity and a sense of humor, I provide humans with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their lives when it comes to their money.

I live with my wife and dog just outside of New York City. They’re both pretty weird. But I might be weirder. Some of my favorite things are road trips to nowhere, tennis, yoga and creating deliciousness.


Having grown up between two countries, I have adapted to many names including Alejandra, Al Pal and Sandy pants, to name a few. I’ve also adapted to living a bilingual, bicultural life with a Spanish father and American Mother. I enjoy identifying the differences between cultures and exploring how our environments aid us in certain paths. I often consider the question, “How might we provide people with desired information when it would most positively impact their journey?”

As an LX Designer at GreenPath Financial Wellness, I get excited creating learning experiences (that’s where the LX comes from) that consider another’s perspective in order to provide information in an engaging and interactive manner. It’s important to empower humans with choice in their path in a manner that’s not overwhelming. When looking for answers to our financial questions, we often get information described simply as budgets and logical decisions, yet I find we frequently engage with money in an emotional manner. I believe in learning from the human experience by listening to one’s courage and vulnerability as he or she navigates a complicated financial system.

When I step away from my home office in Milwaukee, WI, I enjoy staring at my Frenchie, listening to podcasts, reading, trying new adventures – like jumping out of planes – and engaging in inspiring conversations of how to make the world a better place.


Hi– I am Brad O’Brien and GreenPath’s Company Directory states that I am the Manager of Financial Education. I’m working on a new title, but that’s proven to be a challenge since I don’t like titles. I am privileged to work with an amazing group of individuals that are focused on radically reimagining how we think about financial health. I have a genetic disposition to ask a lot of questions. Or do I? I believe that many of our societal challenges are centered around how people interact with money. As a trained designer, I am consistently humbled by engaging with those we serve and committed to creating new tools that help support them in their journey.

I found a community and a home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after spending a majority of my life wandering around the Midwest. I enjoy spending time outdoors and creating memorable experiences with my wife and two kids.


GreenPath Real $tories is a podcast that shows that our financial lives are more than a number. Our guests share their money journeys in their own words. Expect authenticity, vulnerability, and a little bit of inspiration.


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