Episode 6: Dawn – A Difficult Decision

  • May 28, 2020
  • By: GreenPath Financial Wellness

The Right Financial Choice

Each year, Dawn and her family faced an income reduction when her husband got laid off during the winter months.

An opportunity came to save a significant amount in their monthly budget, but it would mean downsizing to a much smaller home.

What was the right choice for their family, including their son?

As many of us face challenges from the financial fallout of the COVID-19 crisis, learn how one family made a difficult decision and how their lives changed.

Listen and learn how a difficult decision turned into the right path forward.

Key Moments

1:02 Dawn discusses how her husband faced a longer lay off than their family anticipated.

3:09 Dawn’s husband proposes a major change: downsizing to a smaller home.

8:13 Dawn discusses how her son reacted to the news that they’ll soon be moving.

10:40 When they put their current home on the market, an interesting possible buyer emerges.

12:20 Dawn discusses how her husband is processing the major the change that is about to occur.

14:50 We are rejoined by Dawn 7 months later to discuss how things played out.

17:48 Dawn discusses how her husband has adjusted to the changes in their housing situation.

21:10 Dawn shares how her new budget has opened up new goals.

23:58 We learn who bought their old home and how they saved on realty fees.

26:53 Dawn gives advice to others based on what she learned from her own experience.

32:08 Each of our co-hosts shares a key-takeaway and a call to action.

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