Episode 3: Matt & Kendal — A Modern Day Tale of Love and Money

  • February 14, 2020
  • By: GreenPath Financial Wellness

Matt and Kendal each had a unique story that included financial hardships and bankruptcy. They met, fell in love and decided to “merge corporations.” Faced with the prospect of another bankruptcy, they decide to take a different route: a Debt Management Plan. But this route proved to be a bumpy road and they had to figure out how to stretch their budget enough to pay their debt and their household bills, and still put food on the table.

The solution? Designing new habits to automate their bill repayment– and a good dose of grit, humor and support for each other. Newly debt-free, they can now plan a life that includes making home improvements to accommodate their special needs son. Join us for a modern-day Valentine’s tale…

Key Moments

1:00 Matt & Kendal “merge corporations.”

2:05 A conversation at a gas station becomes a turning point.

5:40 Kendal shares how her family’s medical debt snowballed.

7:09 Matt and Kendal share how they stretched their budget to put enough food on the table.

11:19 They figure out how to automate their finances.

16:11 Opening the mail becomes an adventure.

17:59 Matt & Kendal discover that they’re not alone.

18:52 Matt receives some really good news with Kendal.

21:10 They’re finally able to explore home improvements to accommodate their special needs son.

24:30 Kendal has anxiety over giving up control of their debt repayment.

26:24 Matt & Kendal have a friendly competition where they’re both winners.

Episode : Matt & Kendal: A Modern Day Valentine’s Day Money Tale

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