Flipping my Financial Script

Under GreenPath’s Debt Management Plan, John Paid Off $8,455 in Debt

John, a resident of Palm Springs, California, struggled with debt much of his life. In reflecting on his financial picture, he posed the question “How do you pay off debt if you don’t even know how much you owe?” His story is a relatable one.

“Debt is personal. It’s not just about finances. It’s about overall well-being. In teaming with GreenPath, I have become financially stable and reduced a lot of stress.” – John

“Debt is personal. It’s not just about finances. It’s about overall well-being. In teaming with GreenPath, I have become financially stable and reduced a lot of stress.” – John

John's Financial Challenges

  • From early adulthood, John struggled to manage everyday living expenses and credit card debt.
  • Past issues with credit history posed an additional hurdle.
  • Like many, John experienced a COVID-related income change.

Changing His Narrative

Debt and past credit history were significant stressors in John’s life.

Rather than carrying the burden alone, John decided to be proactive. And his credit union was a big part of the process.  His credit union suggested John connect with the counselors at GreenPath Financial Wellness.

GreenPath counseling service is free to anyone who calls. Don’t wait to speak with a counselor.

The Debt Management Plan

Sustainable Payoff

  • A GreenPath counselor helped John take inventory of his entire financial picture including past-due debt.
  • The counselor helped John create a realistic and sustainable payoff plan that aligned with his budget and income.
  • With the Debt Management Plan, John paid off $8,455 in debt in 17 months.

Successful Outcomes

  • With tailored budgeting guidance, John set up savings to finance a new car and improve his rental living situation.
  • John’s stress decreased once GreenPath took the lead in communicating with creditors.
DMP LP counselors

We understand that while life can be costly, nothing is more valuable than your peace of mind. With a plan in place, you can worry less and save more. Call today.

GreenPath Financial Wellness has been in business for more than sixty years. As a highly rated, nationally renowned nonprofit, our big picture is your financial picture. Call today for a free counseling session.

How can a debt management plan help me?

John is one of many clients who have found financial reprieve through a Debt Management Plan. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • One simple payment. We make handling debt easy (because personal finance is complicated enough.) Rather than keeping track of multiple monthly statements, interest rates, and due dates, you’ll just have one streamlined statement. Our clients feel real relief when they have a simplified payment schedule.
  • More savings. We have a working relationship with virtually every major creditor. What does this mean for you? Often more money in your pocket through reduced interest rates, fees, and monthly payments. Depending on how much debt you currently carry, these savings can translate to thousands of dollars in savings across time.
  • Less stress. Debt is a major source of anxiety for many Americans. The good news? You don’t have to manage that burden alone. Caring, qualified counselors will help create a manageable payment plan, and 93% of people served by GreenPath have reduced financial stress.

In 2021, $237 million was paid toward debt on GreenPath’s Debt Management Plan.
GreenPath has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

*Accelerated payoff by client. Results not typical.
P.T. Phan


P.T. Phan