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Do you have questions about housing? Should you buy a home? Refinance your house? What if you can’t make your mortgage payments? Or your credit isn’t great? Or perhaps, you’re trying to stay in your home? For most of us, our home is one of the biggest factors in our budget.

Foreclosure Prevention and Support
Homebuyer Assistance
Reverse Mortgage Counseling
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How much does it cost to work with a GreenPath housing advisor?

Our standard fees for housing services are: • Mortgage delinquency counseling – Free • Rental counseling – Free • Pre-Purchase Counseling – $150* • Reverse Mortgage Counseling – $199 *If you belong to a participating Credit Union, this fee may be waived as a benefit of your Credit Union membership.

Can GreenPath help me refinance or modify my mortgage?

We can contact your servicer to help start a conversation about options, but we can’t guarantee any outcomes. Your outcome will depend on what your servicer is willing to offer and/or if you qualify for state and federal programs.

Foreclosure Prevention & Support

If you are behind on your mortgage or having trouble making your house payment, you are not alone. There are steps you can take to get back on top, and GreenPath can help with our foreclosure prevention counseling.

Our housing experts will review your situation with you, and explain the options for keeping your home, or getting out of a house you can’t afford. We provide a foreclosure hotline specifically to assist people with this urgent need.

GreenPath’s certified housing counselors are here to help. Our foreclosure prevention services are free. We can talk to your lender to explore options and even help you apply for specific programs.

Homeownership Counseling

Homeownership gives people a sense of pride and accomplishment. It can give you greater freedom and privacy. It can also add to your financial security. Home buying is a big step and takes some planning.

Home buying might seem like a complicated process. GreenPath has affiliated with the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) to guide and support people’s dreams of home ownership. Our counseling and education can help you navigate the process and make informed decisions.

Homebuyer Education is also available as an online class. View eHome Money Online Class

Reverse Mortgage

For seniors who need income in retirement a reverse mortgage might seem like a no-brainer. After all, you worked hard for your home, why not draw on the equity you built up? A reverse mortgage might serve you well, but there are a number of critical issues you need to consider before you can make the right decision.

If you or a family member is considering a reverse mortgage, call us to learn the pros and cons and get all of your questions answered. We will equip you with the knowledge to determine if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

Resources for Renters

There are few feelings worse than not being able to pay your rent when it comes due. If you are struggling to keep up with your rent payments, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from eviction.

Most landlords have their own policies on help and assistance during this time. Check your landlord’s website for the most up to date information and how to reach out for assistance. You can also check Eviction Lab’s website for the latest eviction policy changes or Just Shelter where you can search over 600 organizations across the U.S. working to prevent eviction and reduce family homelessness.

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Our Standard Fees for Housing Services

  • Mortgage delinquency counseling – Free
  • Rental counseling – Free
  • Pre-Purchase Counseling – $150*
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling – $199

*If you belong to a participating Financial Institution, this fee may be waived as a benefit of your Financial Institution membership.