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Rest, Recharge, and Save with a Staycation

Embrace the art of staycationing to find tranquility and savings all in one. This guide explores how to achieve ultimate relaxation, recharge your energy, and keep your budget intact, all while enjoying a memorable staycation experience.

Demystifying SAVE: A Plan for Student Loan Relief

Discover the new SAVE Plan and its game-changing benefits. Learn how this income-driven repayment option offers more affordable payments.

Real Stories Ep 43: Khalil Drives Himself to Financial Success

Khalil partnered with GreenPath to improve his credit and pay down his debt helping him purchase his first vehicle.

Managing Household Finances During a Strike

When there is a worker’s strike, households can face some unique challenges. Whether you’re directly involved or indirectly affected, keeping a few things in mind can help ease the situation.

Affordable Elegance: Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Tips for planning a wedding on a budget. September is a popular months to tie the knot, It can be expensive for couples saying “I Do.”

What to Do if You’re Late Making Car Payments

People are “feeling the budget squeeze” each month when making that car payment. Read more to learn how to ease the budget.

Working Through the Financial Impact of Natural Disasters

As residents in Kentucky and other states move forward after the ravages of catastrophic tornadoes, those in the West continue to battle additional weather disasters.

Protecting Your Finances While Traveling

August is a popular travel month for Americans. There are to protect your finances while traveling. Here are some security tips.

It’s Time to Prepare for Student Loan Payments to Resume – Recorded Webinar

After more than three years on pause, federal student loan payments are now required by Congress to resume this fall.

Real Stories Ep 42: Ericka Young Rewrites Her Money Story

Ericka Young, a financial wellness expert and best-selling author of “Naked and Unashamed: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have”, talks about her journey to paying of $90,000 in debt.

7 Summer Home Improvements on a Budget

Inflation can put a damper on your home improvement plans. Read these 7 tips on summer home improvements on a budget.

Navigating Medical Expenses – Recorded Webinar

In this webinar, we will talk about how to manage unexpectedly high medical expenses and debt. Join us.

What Influences your Money Habits?

When our financial counselors speak with clients about specific challenges they might be facing, it can be helpful to have a conversation about the factors that influence money habits and behaviors. 

Preparing Your Finances for Back to School – Recorded Webinar

Watch this informative recorded webinar for tips and strategies to manage some of the costs associated with heading back to school, including technology, supplies, and tuition.

Back-to-School on a Budget: 10 Ways to Shop Smart

Budgeting tips for back-to-school shopping. School spending is expected to reach around $31.2 billion in 2023. Take a look at these saving tips.

Real Stories Ep 41: Leaning into Change: Lavell and Nina on Loans, Marriage, and Finding a Foothold

Real $tories episode 41 features Lavell and Nina, two former guests, whose resilience brought them financial wellness.

Take These Steps with Your Student Loans

What steps should you take with your student loans – even with the extension of federal student loan payment relief.

Your Mid-Year Financial Cleanse Checklist

A mid-year financial cleanse can bring a renewed sense of control and clarity to your money matters. Take a look at this checklist.

Real Stories Ep 40: The Path to Wellness, Revisited: Michele and Natasha

In today’s episode, we’ll be catching up with two of our former guests, Michele and Natasha, about their path to wellness.

Home Sweet Home: The Definitive Guide to Housing Resources

June is National Homeowner’s Month. Take a look at these housing resources for homeowners for free online courses to webinars to mortgage calculators.

GreenPath’s Best Kept Secret – Recorded Webinar

In the face of unexpected changes and inflation, many households have turned to credit cards to manage daily expenses and emergencies. See how a Debt Management Program can be a financial benefit.

Life Event Planning After a Financial Setback

Dealing with a financial setback? Here are some strategies for life event planning that can get you back on track.

Real Stories Ep 39: Kitty, Finding Humanity in Finance

Kitty’s story is one of shame transformed to pride. She wants to change the conversation around money and empower others to speak openly about money.

Understanding Credit Reports & Scores – Recorded Webinar

We will discuss the factors impacting a credit score, how to build or improve your score, and debunk common credit myths.

Real Stories Ep 38: Budgeting for Hope: Nichelle and Oscar

Nichelle & Oscar are a reminder to others that when it comes to debt (and the stress it brings) you are never alone. Listen now.