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Podcast Five Header Episode 5: Michele – Feeling Optimistic in a Time of Challenge April 28, 20 Michele faced hardships from many different angles.  Her mortgage payment became unaffordable after her initial payment skyrocketed. read more
Coronavirus and your finances Episode 4: Coronavirus and Your Finances – Advice From GreenPath CEO Kristen Holt March 20, 20 In this episode of Real Stories of Financial Wellness, we want to address people’s concerns about their finances and how… read more
Episode : Matt & Kendal: A Modern Day Valentine’s Day Money Tale Episode 3: Matt & Kendal — A Modern Day Tale of Love and Money February 14, 20 Matt and Kendal each had a unique story that included financial hardships and bankruptcy. They met, fell in love and… read more
Changing their family&# ;s future Episode 2: Tammy and her husband change their family’s financial future January 7, 20 Tammy’s husband is handling the family’s finances and becomes concerned that their debt is spiraling out of control. read more
Podcast Real Stories Trailer Episode 1: Katie asks for help and then finds passion in helping others December 5, 19 Retail credit cards became her best friend shortly after college. Home alone with her 4-month-old in a place where she… read more
Student Woman Sit Down Call Smartphone At Sunset Behind on Auto Payments? You’re Not Alone. Here’s How to Handle It February 20, 19 If you feel like you’ve been struggling to keep up with car payments, you’re not alone. Over 7 million Americans… read more

Creating A Budget

Pay your bills How to pay your bills and determine which ones are most important January 28, 22 Which monthly expenses do you want to choose to pay first, which can save you money and which could be managed differently? read more
Car Budget Rev Up Your Car Budget January 26, 22 Budgeting for a car means putting a plan in place and considering all of the factors to help you buy or lease something. read more