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The Psychology Of Why We Buy The Psychology of Why We Buy – Recorded Webinar December 17, 21 Underhill writes, “Shopping is a form of entertainment, just like the movies or the zoo. Shopping is an activity that… read more
Podcast Episode Real Stories Episode 22: Lavell – From “Swiping Like a Ninja” to Debt-Free December 15, 21 18-year-old Lavell received an envelope right before Christmas. What started as a gesture of kindness snowballed into a mountain of… read more
Natural Disaster Working Through the Financial Impact of Natural Disasters December 14, 21 As residents in Kentucky and other states move forward after the ravages of catastrophic tornadoes, those in the West continue… read more
difference between debt settlement and debt management Understanding the Difference Between Debt Settlement and Debt Management December 13, 21 Many of us might find ourselves with choices to make when figuring out how to manage debt, especially in the… read more
GreenPath Cyber Security Staying Safe on the Internet Without Breaking a Sweat – Recorded Webinar December 9, 21 If you are reading this, you probably use the internet often, most likely every day. Staying safe on the internet… read more
holiday budget Make it a Happy Holiday Budget December 6, 21 Conversations continue about rising prices and potential product shortages during the holidays, which might put a dent in your holiday… read more

Creating A Budget

Money Habits In New Year Keep Your Money Habits Going January 20, 22 These are challenging times in many ways, but the bright side is that many people have developed strong, positive money habits that make a favorable impact on their financial future. read more
student loan questions Take These Steps with Your Student Loans December 29, 21 The pause continues on federal student loan debt collection and reduced interest rates on federal student loans to 0% until May 2022. read more