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Couple Laptop Coffee

Let’s Talk about The Recession

An informal chat with Real Stories Podcast Host Chris Dlugozima and GreenPath’s Wendy Medrano as they take a look at today’s financial concerns.

Payday Loans

Here’s What to Know About Payday Loans

What to know about payday loans. Many people are looking for options to help manage rising prices and financial uncertainties.

Improving your Credit Score

Why is Credit History Important?

Having good credit is key to a solid financial future and can open up a world of opportunities. See why credit history matters.

House Hunting

A Guide to Successful Homeownership – Recorded Webinar

Are you excited to buy and move into your first home? Do you want to remove as much stress and frustration as possible?

Podcast Website Danny

Real Stories Ep 28: Danny Kofke – Rewriting Your Money Story, It Can Be Done!

The impact of delayed gratification and the value of not comparing your lifestyle to others. Listen to a conversation with Danny Kofke.

Mortgage Process

Homeownership Starts with a Plan

You’ll need to know your credit health and monthly budget. This will determine what you can afford when it comes to homeownership.

credit and debts

10 Money Tips For College Grad

Spring college graduates are currently basking in the glory of wrapping up their degrees over the last month or so. However, in many instances, their downtime will be short-lived, as
Fair housing Act

What are the Common Types of Mortgages?

What are the common types of mortgages? The answers aren’t as complicated as you may think. And a big piece of the puzzle is to understand what works for your specific situation.

Podcast Website EP Regina

Real Stories Ep 27: Regina’s Story – 3 Paths to a Brighter Future

Regina has been at a crossroads with her finances. Each time, GreenPath has provided different kinds of support. Listen to her story.

Family Sitting On Porch

Vacationing on a Budget

Does your brain need a vacation and your wallet says no? See how you can save money with travel discounts.

Featured Img Student Loans

What are Your Student Loan Repayment Options?

Student loan repayment is on the minds of millions of Americans. GreenPath Partner Experience Manager Doug Brady offers specific tips on student loan repayment options.

Mother&# ;s Day Advice

3 Things that Mom – or a Mother Figure – Suggests You Keep in Mind About Your Finances

There are some things Mom – or a Mother figure in your life – would suggest you keep in mind about your personal finances. They are helpful money reminders all of us can benefit from.