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Get information, tools and tips for managing your finances, getting out of debt, improving your credit and more. These articles are written by GreenPath staff, based on the needs that we learn about from our clients.

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Is Debt Consolidation a Good Idea?

Discover debt relief options with GreenPath. Compare debt consolidation and management programs to find your best strategy.

Real Stories Ep 53: The Savvy Sagittarius Speaks: Elyse’s Road to Financial Freedom

Elyse, at 22, tackled $34k in debt and bought a house by 24. Now a single parent, she shares her journey on The Savvy Sagittarius.

Tips for First Time Homebuyers – Recorded Webinar

Ready to buy your first home? Get expert guidance from GreenPath and real estate agent David King on navigating the homebuying process for success.

Ring Relief: Strategies for Stopping Collection Calls

Stop collection calls using FDCPA strategies, negotiate payment plans, and prevent future calls. Take control of your finances and find peace of mind.

Real Stories Ep 52: Frankie Overcomes Financial Abuse

Financial coach Frankie from Ent Credit Union shares her journey to financial independence and overcoming financial abuse.

vacation budget

Protect Your Finances While Traveling

August is a popular travel month for Americans. There are to protect your finances while traveling. Here are some security tips.

PRIDE & Prosperity: 5 LGBTQ+ Finfluencers You Should Know

Meet 5 LGBTQ+ finfluencers making an impact. Get inspired and connect with GreenPath for free financial counseling.

Real $tories Live – Exploring the Link between Mental and Financial Health – Recorded Webinar

GreenPath clients share mental & financial wellness tips from Real $tories podcast. Join for insights

Identifying and Preventing Elder Financial Abuse

Prevent elder financial abuse: Get resources for protection, monitoring, and support from GreenPath.

Real Stories Ep 51: Racheal Weathers the Storm

Meet Racheal: A Financial Resilience Role Model Overcoming $124K Debt, Buying a Home, and Empowering Others Through GreenPath.

Lo que mamá me enseñó sobre el dinero

Descubre sabiduría financiera invaluable y conocimientos de resiliencia de Wendy Medrano en GreenPath Financial.

The Currency of Care: What Mom Taught Me About Money

Discover invaluable financial wisdom and resilience insights from Wendy Medrano at GreenPath Financial.

Unmute Your Money: The Benefits of Loud Budgeting

Discover loud budgeting: a transparent financial strategy fostering accountability, reducing stress, and finding support for your financial goals.

Demystifying Financial Counseling – Recorded Webinar

Discover financial counseling in a webinar. Gain insights on managing private finances and explore if it’s the right fit for you.

Book$mart: Top Financial Education Reads for Kids and Teens

Empower kids with essential money skills through engaging reads for financial literacy and smart money management.

Real Stories Ep 50: Transforming Trauma: Nadine’s Road to Financial Recovery

Follow Nadine’s financial self-care journey, from early retirement to debt management with GreenPath, offering insights for others.

5 Wise Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Mindful money management is even more important this year. If you have received a refund and want to invest it wisely, here are a few suggestions.

Steps to Financial Freedom – Recorded Webinar

Explore goal-setting, refine budgeting with your money personality, and master credit and long-term strategies in our insightful webinar.

Mejore Sus Finanzas y Siga Apoyando a Sus Seres Queridos

Emigrar por un futuro mejor, con separación y desafíos financieros. Remesas sostienen, presionan las finanzas.

Improve Your Finances and Keep Supporting Your Loved Ones

Emigrate for a better future, with separation and financial challenges. Remittances sustain, they put pressure on finances.

Real Stories Ep 49: Three Generations Reflect on Hardship, Hope

Three generations share tales of financial resilience—foreclosure, student loans, retirement. Learn from their journey.

Women & Wealth: Budget-Conscious Ways to Grow Your Earnings

Empower women to bridge the wage gap with budget-friendly strategies. Boost earnings, tackle debt, and invest smart with GreenPath’s guidance.

Financing Your Future: Navigating the 2024-25 FAFSA Changes

Navigate 2024-25 FAFSA changes: account creation, contributors, aid calculation, Pell Grant eligibility, submission process.

Understand Your Money Personality – Recorded Webinar

Discover how your money personality and that of your financial partners can impact your ability to achieve New Year’s financial resolutions.

Rev Up Your Car Budget

Budgeting for a car means putting a plan in place and considering all of the factors to help you buy or lease something.

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